TeaCrine® Safe and Effective for Athletic Performance

TeaCrine Increases Exercise Motivation

Can you imagine a supplement stimulating the motivation to exercise? In our fast-paced society where workouts take a backseat and emotional fatigue is high, great research findings have just been announced and may help. The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition released information on one of the first human studies on TeaCrine® reporting the supplement safe, non-habit forming, and “values for energy, focus, concentration, anxiety, motivation to exercise remained stable in all groups.” One limitation mentioned for the study was a short duration of TeaCrine® supplementation but was still able to collect amazing evidence supporting their hypothesis in this time frame. Before stocking up on what seems like a miracle supplement, let’s take a look at why the research was done, what the heck TeaCrine® is and how it works in our body.

What is TeaCrine®

TeaCrine® Increases our Motivation to Exercise. Sam Edwards/Getty Images

TeaCrine® is a natural chemical compound found in Camellia assamica variety kucha tea and other plant sources. It appears to have a great effect on both the “adenosinergic and dopaminergic pathways that appears to influence multiple neurochemical pathways.” Science is simply saying TeaCrine® works by sending chemical messages from the brain to your body making you feel energetic and relaxed at the same time. Can you envision a coffee and chamomile tea blend but without the caffeine? Researchers wanted to come up with an alternative to theacrine, a purine alkaloid substance like caffeine produced from coffee and tea but typically habit forming. They sought out to prove a natural product could work just as well to stimulate the body, increase energy, drive motivation and burn fat without the worry of addiction, withdrawal or other negative effects that can be associated with caffeine intake. TeaCrine® is that alternative.

Research Info

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Sixty healthy men and women aged mid-twenties participated in the double-blind study and were required to meet specific clinical criteria of regular recreational exercise and coffee intake. During an 8-week period, participants were divided into three groups and supplemented with either a “low dose Teacrine® (TC-LD), a high dose of Teacrine® (TC-HD) or a placebo (PLA).”  The research was able to obtain an accurate comparison of TeaCrine® supplementation at each level and record how the body responded to the dosing. Now that we have the study details down, let’s move onto the research findings.

The Results

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The results of the short-term TeaCrine® research did prove the supplement safe not altering blood measurements and shown to be non-habit forming. It was indicated not to affect the heart and nervous system as typically found with caffeine products and other stimulants. Long-term use of TeaCrine® is theorized to increase energy production and strengthen motivation. Also reported was reduced overall cholesterol during the 8-week trial period. Another TeaCrine® pilot study reported in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, © 2014 Habowski et al., and using a 200mg dose “caused significant improvements in energy and reductions in fatigue.” A trend toward improved focus was also observed during the study period. The studies are preliminary and with great feedback warranting further research to conclusively confirm the findings. Exciting stuff!


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