Teen Driver Safety Pledge: A Contract Any Teen Driver Should Sign

Establish Your Expectations and Rules Before Your Teen Gets Behind the Wheel

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If your teen has obtained a learner’s permit or a driver’s license, it’s important to talk about safety issues. Teens need to understand that driving is a privilege, not a right. Parents have the responsibility to ensure that teens are able to operate a vehicle in a safe manner so it’s essential that you have ongoing discussions with your teen about safety.

Discuss consequences of breaking your rules and driving in an irresponsible manner ahead of time.

It’s also important to have clear rules about who will be responsible for the financial issues associated with driving the car, such as paying for gas, car maintenance and vehicle insurance.

Before you hand over the keys to your teen, create a contract that makes it clear what you expect. Print out this pledge, or develop your own pledge that outlines your rules before your teen gets behind the wheel.

General Rules

  • I agree to observe all laws while I am driving the car.
  • I will ask to drive the car befor going anywhere, unless it involves a trip to an already agreed upon place, like school.
  • I will respect the weather and the road conditions at all times.
  • I will wear my seatbelt at all times while I am driving and I will insist that all passengers wear theirs.
  • I will allow myself plenty of time to arrive at my destination. If I’m running late, I will not speed but will instead accept any consequences I may receive for being late.
  • I will not engage in reckless behavior, and will never attempt to do any “stunts.” Instead, I will use the car for transportation purposes only.
  • I will inform you immediately about any tickets, accidents, or encounters with the police (even if I only receive a warning).
  • I will call you if I’m ever unsafe to drive, or if it is unsafe for me to ride with someone else, for any reason. 

    Distracted Driving

    • I will not use any electronic devices while I am driving the car, including cell phones. I will pull over to make a phone call or use any other electronic equipment.
    • I will never read or respond to text messages, emails, or social media while I am driving.
    • I will not eat while I am driving.
    • I will never drive if I have used any alcohol or any substances that could impair my ability to drive. 
    • I will not drive the car when I am too upset to operate the vehicle, whether I’m angry, sad, or frustrated.
    • I will get plenty of rest so that I am not sleep deprived. I will not operate the vehicle when I feel drowsy.


    • I will not allow anyone else to drive the car without permission.
    • If I receive permission to drive any passengers, I will ensure that my friend’s parents have given permission for my friend to ride with me.
    • I will not have any passengers in the car unless I have specific permission.
    • I will not ride as a passenger with anyone who has consumed alcohol or who has used any substances that impair their ability to drive.
    • I will not allow anything illegal to be in the car. I understand that I am responsible for any drugs, alcohol or weapons in the car, even if they don’t belong to me.


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