The Ultimate List of Teen Party Games

Get the Party Going with a Fun, Interactive Game

Teenagers eating cake at a birthday party
Teenagers eating cake at a birthday party. Thinkstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Party games make going to a teen party just a little more fun. If you are throwing a teen birthday party, here is a list of fun games to play with groups of teens.

Some are active games, some are icebreakers and some of the birthday party games in this list go with a theme party like a sleepover or outdoor summer party.

Why Do Teens Need Fun Birthday Party Games?

It is true that teens like to socialize and think they want to just 'hang out' throughout a party.

However, birthday parties without party games tend to get boring and are often overtaken by cliques. Getting everyone involved in a few games will help disperse the socialization.

Try to have a few of the different types of games including the birthday party games that are individualized (like the sign-in board) to create a keepsake. This will also give those who are shy something to do during the down times.

The active games will give those who like attention the spotlight. These birthday party games will help make a well-rounded birthday party for your teen.

How to Organize Teen Party Games

While parents of teens do not want to seem overly involved in teen parties and the games, you do have to help your teen organize the games. This way they know what to do should the party need a game to liven up the mood.

Here are three tips on organizing your teen’s party games:

  1. Allow your teen to have the final say in what party games they want to have available. Your teen may prefer to have mostly hands-off games like the Sign-In Board rather than something like Pop Song Charades or Balloon War. If there is a party game you feel would be great to play, tell your teen that everything needed will be available at the party and they can chose to play it or not.
  1. Have equipment for the party games ready and in one spot, along with a list of games that can be played. Often a game gets forgotten because a teen did not remember it. A list with the supplies will avoid that mistake.
  2. Stay out of the way and on the sidelines. Teens want to be as independent as possible when throwing a party. Be available when you are needed and just check in at other times.

    Balloon Games

    • Balloon Buzz
      Using the air in the balloon to propel it, the player will try and hit a target in this party game.
    • Balloon Header
      Your teen really has to use their head for this game.
    • Balloon Train Race
      A challenge for teens to work as a team.
    • Balloon Truth or Dare
      Will your balloon contain a truth or a dare?
    • Balloon War
      Two teams try and take the balloons from each other.
    • Balloon War 2
      Another fun way to have a balloon battle.
    • Knock-Kneed
      If you like popping birthday balloons, this is a great birthday party game.
    • Popping Partners
      Popping a balloon is always required at teen parties.
    • Sit on It Balloon Relay
      The name says it all and it is a lot of fun.
    • Pin Head
      You will have as much fun watching this as they do playing it.

    Charades and Other Acting Games

    • Freeze Frame
      A fun way to capture memories of the party.
    • Making Silhouettes
      The ultimate game of shadow puppets.
    • Pop Song Charades
      A favorite game with a pop song theme.
    • Strike a Pose
      Great game for saving memories too.

    Icebreaker Games

    Paper Games

      Relay and Race Games

      • Candy Relay Game
        Who can resist candy during a relay?
      • Cheeto Head
        Cheetos, shaving cream and a ton of fun!
      • Clothing Relay
        A wonderful race game for a birthday party.
      • Cross the River (Swamp, Marsh, etc)
        No, you don't have to flood the backyard for this relay.
      • Fill My Bowl Relay Race
        Teens scramble to get their candy in a bowl, but there is a catch.
      • More Haste Less Speed Race
        A baby rattle and a rubber band can create great laughs.
      • Paper Clip Chain
        Can be two players or turned into a relay game.
      • Pass the Hat
        A fun game to play at a co-ed birthday party.
      • Pass the Hat Game
        Great fun with a themed party hat.
      • Pass the Peanut
        A timeless spoon game you may remember from your childhood.
      • Picture Lines
        Relay and drawing in the same fun game.
      • Ping Pong Ball Races
        Do you have enough air for this relay game?
      • Soda Can Tower
        Don't worry, the cans are empty!
      • Spaghetti Drop
        Spaghetti, soda, what's not to love?
      • Squeeze Play Relay
        Great relay game for an indoor or outdoor birthday party.

      Quiz, Guessing, and Word Play Games

      Sleepover Games

      Water Games

      • Water Gun Roulette
        Fun summertime musical chairs alternative.
      • Underwater Swimming
        Great relay game for an outdoor birthday party from our collection of birthday party games.

      More Fun Teen Party Games

      • Candy Hunt
        Who doesn't like looking for candy? Remember o always use wrapped candy in this party game.
      • Cotton Ball Pick Up Party Game
        A blindfolded tossing game that is fun to watch.
      • Tag a Girlfriend/Boyfriend
        Think about arranging a marriage through party games, it's like that.
      • Unwrap It
        This game is a great way to give party favors.

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