My teen is going to be home alone this summer. What should I do?

Teenage girls on Space Hopper
Karan Kapoor / Getty Images

If your teen is going to be home alone this summer, it's a good idea to provide some structure.

Start by breaking down the summer and finding things for your teen to do in pieces. Look for summer day camps to take a week off of alone time. Are there relatives that your teen can visit for a week? Does anyone in your neighborhood need a babysitter during the day for older kids a couple of days each week?

Look for volunteer opportunities in local hospitals or libraries where your teen can help with younger children's programs. Take 'alone time' off the summer calendar as much as you can for your teen.

Next, call around to your teen's friends parents and see what they will be doing this summer. Put your heads together and do some creative thinking about what your teens can do around the house. You can pay your teen and a friend to clean out the garage, and then the next day go clean the garage at the friend's house - getting paid by the friend's parents, of course.

The more you find for your teen to do on a daily or weekly basis, the more active he will be and the less you will have to worry.

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