Ten Celebrities That Are NOT Having Twins

Sorting Through the Rumors About Celebrity Twin Pregnancies

Rumors about celebrities and twins abound. The tabloids are full of articles claiming that everyone from British royalty to popstars are pregnant with twins -- sometimes when they are not even pregnant! If you have ever wondered whether Kate Middleton was pregnant with twins, or if Kim Kardashian was having twins, this article will set the record straight. The following celebrities do not have twins -- and are not having twins as of this writing.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Celebrity parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have boy/girl twins. Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown

Let's be clear. Angelina Jolie already has twins. The actress and her husband, Brad Pitt, are parents to six children, including twins Knox and Vivienne born in 2008. In early 2012, rumors about another pregnancy swirled, and a popular tabloid claimed that Jolie was pregnant with twin boys. However, no babies arrived in 2012, and the couple remains parents of "just one" set of twins. They are fifth and sixth children for the celebrity couple, including three adopted children and one biological daughter.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Will and Kate are not having twins. Getty Images / Fred Duval

When the Duchess of Cambridge, (aka Princess Kate or Kate Middleton), was hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidarum in December 2012, speculation built that perhaps the root of the severe morning sickness was a twin pregnancy. But early in 2013, the royal couple confirmed on their website that they were expecting a baby. Not babies, but a single baby. Although the birth of royal twins would generate plenty of interesting discussion about birth order and twins, as the firstborn would have a higher place in succession to the throne. The single baby, Prince George of Cambridge (George Alexander Louis), was born July 22, 2013. Rumors of a twin pregnancy persisted throughout 2014, until September, when it was confirmed that Kate was expecting another baby. Princess Charlotte was born in May 2015. And the rumors won't die... In February 2016, OK Magazine claimed once again that Kate was pregnant, this time with twin girls. There's no evidence whatsoever that the duchess is having another baby, although we can keep on wishing!


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is not having twins
Kim Kardashian is not having twins. Getty Images / Mike Ridewood

Is Kim Kardashian having twins? I'm not really sure why Kim Kardashian is a celebrity. She has been the focus of reality TV, but mostly she seems to be famous just for being famous. She was married, then divorced, then dating rapper Kanye West, then expecting a baby. In late 2012, a magazine cover with Kim's photo screamed the headline "Pregancy Shocker: TWINS!" followed by with "Kim Always Wanted Two Babies At Once ... Kanye's Shocking Reaction ... She's Already Planning the Nursery." However, once readers dug deeper into the magazine's content, the teaser turned into a comment that Kim wanted twins. She did share in a television interview that she suffered from fertility issues and that the pregnancy was a surprise. Kim and Kanye's baby girl, North West (yes, that's really her name), was born June 15, 2013. A new baby boy -- again a singleton -- was born in late 2015. They named him Saint.

Jennifer Aniston

Is Jennifer Aniston having twins? Triplets? Even one baby? The popular actress, best known for portraying the character of Rachel in the television show Friends in the 1990s, is relentlessly pursued by the paparazzi and has been a frequent target of gossip in the tabloids. She is often associated with pregnancy rumors, which heated up again after her engagement and marriage to actor Justin Theroux. In 2012,  OK! Magazine perpetuated yet another myth about a celebrity twin pregnancy, claiming that Aniston underwent fertility treatments to conceive boy/girl twins. However, the claim was promptly refuted by the actress' representative. (Not to mention the follow-up pictures of her in a bikini with a flat stomach.) However, Aniston was pregnant with triplets in a television advertisement for Smartwater, a product for which she is a spokesperson. In the spoof ad, she pokes fun at many of the tabloid rumors by displaying an enormous baby bump (fake) and referring to "her little triplets."

Kelsey Grammer

At the Golden Globes awards in January 2012, actor Kelsey Grammer accepted his award for Best Actor and then revealed that his wife, Kayte Walsh Grammer, was expecting twins. However, later that summer, the couple announced the birth of a little girl, Faith Evangeline Elisa Grammer, but explained that her twin brother had passed away.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

In 2010, rumors erupted that John Travolta and Kelly Preston were pregnant with twins through in-vitro fertilization. The couple had experienced the loss of their 16-year-old son, Jett, the previous year. Star Magazine reported the twin pregnancy, claiming they were expecting twin boys and could "barely contain their happiness." A representative for the couple quickly squashed the rumor. Kelly Preston gave birth to one baby in November 2010, a boy named Benjamin Hunter Kaleo.

Jessica Simpson

Not all twin pregnancy rumors aren't the result of tabloid gossip-mongering. Speculation about Jessica Simpson's pregnancy in the spring of 2012 was prompted by the actress's ...ahem.... girth. As the star grew bigger, many wondered if she was carrying more than one baby. But on the Jay Leno show in March 2012, she admitted that although it might look like it, she was not having twins. Her daughter, Maxwell Drew was born in May 2012, and later that year, Simpson announced that she was pregnant again... but it's still not twins. Her son, Ace Knute Johnson, was born June 30, 2013.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner's large baby bump during her pregnancy in 2011 also produced speculation about the possibility of twins. Photos of the actress during her third pregnancy showed a bigger belly in comparison to her previous pregnancies with her daughters, Violet and Seraphina. With a month to go before her due date, some wondered if the celebrity couple might be having twins. However, one baby, Samuel Garner Affleck, was born in February 2012.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel

Popstar Fergie, singer with the band The Black Eyed Peas, and actor Joshn Duhamel got married in 2009. Early on, the couple fueled rumors about the possibility of a twin pregnancy when they joked about having twins in response to reporter's questions about having kids. One site said "When asked if she was planning on having children in the near future, Fergie said: 'I’m pregnant with twins.'" Another quoted Josh Duhamel as saying, "We’re thinking about kids. I don’t know when. She said that she’d be pregnant twice. So I said, 'Great, we’ll have two sets of twins!'" As of this writing, the couple remains married, and announced in February 2013 that they were expecting their first child. Although the tabloids continued to claim that Fergie is having twins, no reliable source has confirmed a twin pregnancy. The couple welcomed a single baby boy, Axl Jack Duhamel on August 29, 2013.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie gained notoriety after being paired with Paris Hilton in a reality TV show. Nicole is mom to two kids, daughter Harlow and son Sparrow. During her pregnancy in 2009, she laughed off inquiries about the possibility of twins by saying "I have twins!", a reference to her husband, Joel Madden and his identical twin brother, Benji. The two are members of the band Good Charlotte. Even though there is some truth to the idea that twins run in families, it is not the case for Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.

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