Ten Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Twin Pregnancy

Finding out that you are carrying twins brings a whole new set of questions for pregnant women. Ask your doctor or medical caregiver these important questions about pregnancy with twins.


Some twins share a single placenta. Other twins have dual placentas. Why does it matter? Your medical care may differ depending on the situation.



As the birth rate for twins rises, twins have become more commonplace and medical caregivers have become more experienced in handling twin pregancies and deliveries. However, because a twin pregnancy is inherently more high risk than a singleton pregnancy, some cases may require more specialized care. Your doctor will help you determine whether your situation requires the expertise of a specialist.



Typically, twins are born earlier than singletons. In 2006, for example, the National Vital Statistics Report reported that sixty percent of twins were born preterm before thirty-seven weeks gestation. Some doctors prefer to deliver twins and multiples before the pregnancy progresses past thirty-nine or forty weeks while others opt to let the pregnancy follow its course. It's important to discuss this issue with your doctor and determine her philosophy about late-term twin pregnancy.


Is it okay for me to exercise?

What is your c-section rate for twin deliveries?

What do you differently for twin pregnancy?

More frequent monitoring, more frequent office visits, amnio, etc.

How can I give my babies optimum nutrition?

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