Textured and/or Ribbed Condoms

Condom in Jeans Pocket
Condom in Jeans Pocket. Roderick Chen/ All Canada Photos/ Getty Images

Ribbed condoms and other textured condoms can be a fun way for some people to spice up their safe sex life. Reports vary as to how much the experience of using one of these condoms differs from using a regular condom, but they're certainly something that some people enjoy playing with. Whether or not they work for you, however, is something only you can decide. Since they're often somewhat more expensive than regular condoms, if you want to experiment, you might want to try buying a variety pack.

That way you can see what kinds you like before putting in too much of a financial investment.

Price :

Varies. Some varieties are sold for the same price as regular, non-textured, latex condoms.

Ease of Acquisition :

Most drugstores carry at least one or two varieties of textured condoms, and they are also available online.

Use During Vaginal Intercourse :

Most textured latex condoms can be used to prevent pregnancy and STDs. Just double check that they are not labeled as novelty items.

Use During Oral Sex :

Textured latex or polyurethane condoms are an effective way to make oral sex safer.

Use During Anal Sex :

Textured condoms can be used during anal sex. As with all other condoms, however, don't forget the lube!

The Verdict :

Studded, ribbed, vibrating, and everything in between, textured latex and polyurethane condoms can be an interesting way to add some variety to your sex life. How much variety?

Some people are more sensitive to the texture differences than other people, so you may have to experiment to find out. Just make sure that any textured condoms you buy are labeled as being effective for the prevention of pregnancy and STDs. You wouldn't want to end up adding more than just a little novelty to your sex life by using a novelty condom.

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