The 5 Smartest Ways to Make Dieting Easier

Make Dieting Fun and Easy

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Weight loss doesn't have to be a chore. In fact, there are ways to make dieting easier and even fun!  Smart dieters use clever diet hacks that take just a little bit of time and a few cheap supplies.

So where's the best place to get these sneaky diet tips? From a smart dieter who has lost weight and turned the dieting process into a fun hobby. Arielle Harding Chernoff has lost weight successfully on the Jenny Craig diet program. And she has tips to help you lose weight, too.

You'll find many of Arielle's tips on Tumblr where she is known as Jenny-Hacks. You can also follow her on Instagram (@Jenny_Hacks) and on Twitter (@JennyHacks).  But her favorite tips to make dieting easier are right here, and you don't need to be on the Jenny Craig diet program to use them.

Make Your Food Beautiful

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Diet food can be depressing. Many diet meals are bland, frozen entrees that don't have enough flavor to keep you happy. So how do you make diet food more fun? "Plate your food," says Arielle. She creates beautiful plates by combining simple and healthy ingredients. The calorie count stays low but the nutrition is improved, and the meal is more enjoyable.  

"My mom always told me that you eat with your eyes first," says Arielle. "So always take the time to present your food in a way that you find beautiful - even if you are cooking for one."

This waffle breakfast is a perfect example. She pairs Jenny Craig's Classic Waffles with bananas and berries to create Jenny Waffles Banana Foster.  

"A satisfying meal begins with visual enjoyment, and it's important to feel as though you are not missing out!"

Volumize Your Diet

Jenny Craig Recipe Hacks
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What's the worst part of dieting? Teeny tiny portion sizes!  Dieters often feel deprived when they see the size of their weight loss meals. But you can "volumize" your meal and make it bigger. Arielle does this with all of her Jenny Craig meals. But you can do it with any diet entree.

"Even small portions of diet friendly food can become massive meals," says Arielle.  So how do you add food without adding calories? You add vegetables that are high in nutrition but low in calories.

Arielle likes to use non-starchy vegetables like arugula, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts. "They can turn a small plate into a feast!" In this meal she adds a potato as well to create Jenny’s Mesquite Chicken over spicy smoked potato smash with roasted asparagus and blistered plum tomatoes. 

"I also recommend treating yourself to exotic produce and fresh herbs. By filling up on healthy veggies and new flavors, a dieter can feel as thought they are enjoying a 5-star meal, even if the entree is a frozen, pre-portioned diet food."

Plan for Success

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Dieters often fall off the wagon when they have to make hard decisions in the face of exhaustion. Who has the energy and the willpower to gather healthy ingredients, plan and cook a healthy weight loss meal after a long day's work? So how do you make smart decisions easier? "Plan ahead," says Arielle.

"There is nothing more destructive than breaking your diet due to lack of healthy options! So be prepared and plan your meals ahead of time! Then pack your diet-approved snacks and meals to avoid being stranded in a desert of fast food and take out."

Not sure how to get organized? Don't worry. You can learn how to pack a week's worth of healthy meals in just an hour or two. Then create snack packs and place them into a clean and organized refrigerator, so there is always a diet-friendly snack ready to grab. 

Have (Sober) Fun

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The easiest way to ruin your diet is with booze. So Arielle recommends that you find alternatives to alcohol.

"Alcohol is a great way to unwind and after work, at get-togethers and date nights. But it is also a source of empty calories and a diet sabotage! Many cocktails are laden with hidden calories and as much as we try, in social situations, it is hard to stop after just one! One glass of wine can be up to 150 calories!" 

Many dieters give up drinking to lose weight faster. And it's healthy to find other ways to have fun.

"When dieting, I find it best to stay mostly sober, but if a treat or celebration calls for it, try a low-calorie drink like a vodka soda with lots of lime or a splash of cranberry!"

Treat Yourself

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The best way to make your diet easier is to treat yourself in moderation."This is why I love Jenny Craig!" says Arielle. "Jenny always provides a salty or sweet snack as part of the diet. I like to save these for the end of the day so that I have something to look forward to!"

If you're not on the Jenny Craig plan, you can still include sweet treats in your diet. But you should enjoy them in moderation. You'll find many diet-friendly desserts at your local grocery store. And there are even a few chocolate treats that you can enjoy when you're on a diet.

And remember that there are many ways to spoil yourself without food. Meet a friend to go for a walk, see a play at your local theater, enjoy a relaxing bath or treat yourself to a new hairstyle or outfit. 

If you find ways to enjoy your time while you're losing weight, your diet will be easier and you'll lose weight faster. And if you use Arielle's smart food tips, you'll have the savvy skills you need to keep the weight off for good.

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