The Alternative Guide to Everything Yoga

What You Need to Know

 I don't consider myself a "traditional" yogi. I'm not super bendy and I don't crave hour-long sessions of hatha- or vinyasa-style flow yoga classes. But I do love testing the waters of the activity, and my back needs a regular practice to keep muscle imbalances at bay. 

If you're a bit like me - hanging out on the edges of yoga without fully diving in - this guide to alternative yoga might be just what you need to explore mind-body awareness. Bookmark the page and check back regularly to find updates on yoga retreats, alternative yoga styles and my favorite yoga DVDs. 

Yoga Styles

aerial yoga
Jennifer Lauren

You can head to practically any yoga studio and find classic restorative, hatha and vinyasa yoga classes - but what about all the other forms of yoga? Here are a few of the forms I've personally investigated, and what you need to know to get started.

Yoga Retreats

Yoga at McEvoy Ranch. McEvoy Ranch

I tend to be an "all or nothing" type of yogi. When I commit to a practice, I commit hardcore... until I decide I'm bored and stop practicing altogether. That's why yoga retreats seem so appealing. You can engulf yourself in a week long yoga experience, and emerge on the other side refreshed and ready to try something new. 

Yoga Apparel and Products


You don't have to be a yogi to love yoga pants. And you don't have to be a girl to enjoy the comfy duds. Check out some of the best yoga apparel on the market, and check back regularly for new products and reviews. 

Home-Based Yoga Practices, DVDs & Online Services

Laura Williams

If you're starting a yoga practice and you're not ready to head to the studio, there's no reason you can't explore at home. In fact, that's how I started practicing myself. If you're looking for online yoga solutions, DVDs and other products to help you master your downward dog, look no further than this list!

  • Yoga DVDs for Guys: Gaiam has a whole line of at-home DVDs geared specifically to the male audience
  • Grokker: The founder of this online fitness and cooking service is a yoga instructor, so you know the focus on yoga is high - you can also access the Grokker app on iOS devices
  • CosmoBody: Offers short yoga classes through its online portal (also available as an app through Smart TVs and services like Netflix) from celebrity yoga instructors like Tara Stiles
  • Hot Yoga at Home: Can you really do hot yoga at home? Not really. But you can do a DVD that follows similar poses and sequencing to traditional hot yoga, and the result is surprisingly effective.
  • Yoga Sequencing Deck: If you want to design your own home practice, there are yoga cards for that. The question is - are they easy to use? 
  • Rachel Brathen Yoga - The Ultimate Collection: This online yoga series put together by internationally-famed yogi, Rachel Brathen, includes 10, 20-minute practices you can do anywhere with an Internet connection.

Free and Discounted Yoga

Bryant Park Yoga
Bryant Park Corporation

If you're not a committed yogi, it can be tough to shell out the cash for a $20 or $30 yoga class. The good news is that there are lots of ways to access free or discounted yoga classes. Look for yoga series hosted by your city, or call your local yoga shop (Lululemon and Athleta, especially) to check their schedule for free classes. 

More Traditional Yoga

There's no doubt that the Alternative Fitness site brings a slightly different flavor to the world of yoga. If you're looking for a more traditional guide to yoga, head to the Yoga site to learn all things yoga. Linked above.

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