The Baby Name Emily

While not always a number one name, Emily is still a well-loved moniker.

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Although it's slipped in popularity in recent years, Emily is one of the most common names in the English language for girls. That widespread appeal is a fairly recent occurrence, however; Emily did not come in to common usage in English-speaking countries until the 1700s when the German House of Hanover took the British Throne. Princess Amelia Sophia was often referred to as "Emily" at that time.


Emily is from the Roman family name, Aemilius, which is derived from a Latin word meaning "rival."

While she still ranks among the Top 100 names of the decade, Emily has fallen slightly behind newer favorites such as Sophia, Isabella, Emma, Olivia, and Ava. All of the top ten names seem to be part of a trend of parents choosing old-fashioned, classic names that have timeless charm. Emily was the #1 baby girl name from 2000 to 2007 and as of 2014, the name Emily was ranked #7 in popular baby girl names by the Social Security Administration

These days, many parents have opted to shift from the former reigning queen of "Emily" to the new feminine twist of "Emma." For example, a popular ABC Family show called "Baby Daddy" features the main character baby as a little girl named Emma. And then of course, there is the actress that every knows and loves, Emma Stone.

But Emily is still a well-loved choice for many parents seeking a classic-sounding, feminine name for their baby girl.

And the decline in the overall popularity of the name may make it an appealing option for parents who want their daughter's name to be unique, but traditional.

Middle Names for Emily

In recent years Emily Rose and Emily Kate have been very popular middle name choices. Emily is a versatile name that pairs well with many other names.

Matches such as Emily Claire, Emily Jane, ad Emily Marie are also strong options. 

Emily Nicknames and Related Names

Emily is often shortened to the nicknames Em and Emmie. Currently, there are many spelling variations of Emily including Emely, Emilee, Emilie, Emmalee. Some say that some of the newer names, like Amelia and Emmeline are spin-offs of Emily too.  

Sibling Name Suggestions

If parents are looking for a baby name that complements Emily they might consider another three- syllable name, another name beginning with the letter E, or a name that has a similarly traditional feel. similarly been familiar for an extended time period. For sisters, the options include Elizabeth, Erica, Hannah, Hailey, Megan, Jessica, Rachel, or Samantha. For Emily's brother, good options include Benjamin, David, Eric, Ethan, Jackson, or William.

Famous Women Named Emily

There is no shortage of famous women named Emily, both in history and in modern times, including several notable literary Emilys. The reclusive poet Emily Dickinson has influenced a generation of writers, and Emily Bronte wrote one of the top novels in English literature in Wuthering Heights. There are several well-known actresses named Emily, including Emily Blunt, Emily Deschanel and Emily Watson.

Other celebrities named Emily include: Emily Maynard, who was a fan favorite contestant on season 8 of the popular show The Bachelor and Emily Deschanel, who has a very famous sister named Zooey Deschanel, who recently became a mom herself. 

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