The Benefits of Aqua Therapy for Chronic Pain

Learn about Aqua Therapy and Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has the ability to turn your life upside down. Not only does it cause discomfort in your body, but it also changes your lifestyle so you lose your functionality and free range of motion. There are various treatment options for chronic pain. The most popular options include medication, acupuncture, massage therapy and physical therapy. A form of physical therapy is aqua therapy. Oftentimes aqua therapy is a better option for many because it is not as strenuous.

Aqua therapy is the seamless place to start regaining functionality and improving your range of motion. This is particularly the case with people who have a very limited range of motion and are often bedridden or confined to a wheelchair.

Aqua therapy is advocated because it is performed in the water. The buoyancy of the water is the reason why this method of therapy is most effective. When submerged, you experience an upward thrust that opposes gravity and is a result of buoyancy. Because of this, a variety of exercises can be performed in the pool without having to deal with issues of balance or sudden jolts.

Once underwater, you no longer have to bear as much weight on your limbs as you have to do in land. Because of this, walking and other motions are a lot easier to do in a pool. Flotation helps increase your flexibility and range of motion without "overtasking" your muscles.

Another attribute to aqua therapy is that it allows your body to be exposed to hydrostatic pressure.

The natural force exerted on you by water while submerged permits enhanced circulation in your body and allows your body to ease into a relaxed state. The latter is especially necessary here since those dealing with chronic pain are often juggling mental blockades that pain unfortunately provides.

Since aqua therapy is considered aerobic exercise, more oxygen flows throughout your body.

By doing so, not only are you in less pain in the long stretch, but you’re in a more mentally stable place. Aerobic exercise is essential in order to build your respiratory and core muscles, all while regaining your inner forte and functionality.

Aqua therapy is similar to yoga in many ways since it has many of the same outcomes. Aqua therapy, like yoga, needs focus. This focus is necessary in order to bind your mind and body into one and allow them to cooperate. Like yoga, aqua therapy is very personalized. You can go at the pace you want and there are many alterations in which you can perform it in order to cater it to your comfort. Both are gentle forms of exercise which essentially sanction you to improve your flexibility and mental clarity.

While aqua therapy has many physical benefits. It also comes along with mental and psychological benefits. Aqua therapy really allows you to control the stress and anxiety in your life, regardless of whether or not they are associated with your chronic pain.

In addition to this, you will regain concentration and mental stamina. Being more physically functional post-therapy, you will also be in a more confident and calm position in your life. Since the pool atmosphere is more tranquil and less intimidating as opposed to alternatives such as the local bodybuilding gym, you will likely enjoy your aqua therapy and consistently look forward to it.

Aqua therapy is a great locus to begin your journey of chronic pain care. Always remember to talk to your physician when making weighty changes to your lifestyle to ensure you are enjoying the best pain-reduction practices. That being said, bring up the notion of aqua therapy to your health care professional during your next visit.

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