The Benefits Of Breastfeeding For Nursing Mothers

The Health, Emotional, Psychological, and Economic Benefits Of Breastfeeding

The Benefits Of Breastfeeding For Nursing Mothers
Breastfeeding has many benefits for moms. Image Source/Getty Images

Breastfeeding Is Beneficial For Moms, Too

We all know that breast milk provides infants and children with the best possible nutrition along with many other health and developmental benefits. But, did you know that breastfeeding is beneficial for mothers, too? Choosing to breastfeed your baby can be good for your health, save you money, and prove to be very convenient.

The Health Benefits Of Breastfeeding For Nursing Mothers

  • Breastfeeding can help your body recover after the birth of your baby. Oxytocin, a hormone released during breastfeeding, causes uterine contractions. These contractions help to shrink your uterus back to its normal size more quickly, and they also decrease your risk of postpartum hemorrhage.

    The Psychological and Emotional Benefits Of Breastfeeding 

    • Breastfeeding helps mothers gain self-confidence in their ability to care for their children.
    • Nursing provides a strong emotional bond between a mother and her baby. The hormones oxytocin and prolactin, which are released when you breastfeed your baby, bring about feelings of love and nurturing to strengthen that bond.
    • The release of oxytocin and prolactin as you breastfeed may also help prevent postpartum depression by promoting feelings of peace, love, pleasure, and relaxation.
    • Breastfeeding forces you to rest. Women do a lot every day between taking care of a family, a home, and sometimes working outside of the home as well. It can be exhausting. Breastfeeding makes you take a break, at least for a little while, to hold, cuddle, and nurse your baby.

    Breastfeeding Is Convenient

    • When you breastfeed, there are no bottles or nipples to clean.
    • Compared to bottle feeding, breastfeeding at night is easier and takes less time You don't have to get up, prepare, and warm a bottle. You can just breastfeed your baby and go right back to sleep.
    • Traveling with your baby is much easier if you nurse. You don't have to pack formula and bottles or worry about warming a bottle while you are out. Your breast milk is always available and at the right temperature for your baby.

    The Economic Benefits Of Breastfeeding

    • Breastfeeding costs less than bottle feeding. Infant formula is expensive, and the specialty formulas for children who cannot tolerate regular formula cost even more. Add to that bottles, nipples, and bottle liners and the costs quickly add up. When you decide to breastfeed, even if you purchase breastfeeding accessories such as a breast pump, breast pads, or nursing clothes, you can still save thousands of dollars.
    • Breastfed children and their mothers are healthier as they age. When you're healthier, you can decrease your family's health care costs over time.



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