The Best Disney Costumes for Young Children

These Favorite Characters Are Perfect for Playtime or Halloween Parties

Disney characters are far from the only beloved personalities that young kids love to imitate. Other cartoons and storybook friends will fill your child's imagination along with plenty of characters she invents herself. But especially with so many classic Disney films re-released in the past few years, these are the characters young children are most likely able to name and want to play pretend games with. To satisfy your Disney fan, try these costumes for dress up time or Halloween season fun.

Disney Princesses

disney princesses

Which princess is your little girl's favorite? Aurora? Cinderella? Ariel? Belle? Rupunzel? Putting on one of these traditional pretty dresses is likely to make your daughter want to dance around the house and sing along with classic movie tunes. In other words, they are the perfect way to make her enjoy a day of dramatic play.

Olaf the Snowman


I could do without "Let It Go," but that snowman who likes warm cuddles -- he has my heart. How cute to have a marshmallowy cutie to carry about this Halloween?  

Disney Jake And The Neverland Pirates

Yo ho! Your little on is on the go with best pals Izzy and Cubby, hunting down Captain Hook. Disney recently released a series of merchandise related to the show including the Jake costume and an Izzy (compare prices), so your aspiring buccaneer can enjoy pretending to seek doubloons an sailing the seas.

Brave Merida

merida brave
The movie may be a bit too mature for toddlers and 2-year-olds, but with a wealth of marketing around the film your little one is probably already familiar with the characters and he costumes. And what beautiful costumes they are...especially if you happen to have a natural redhead.

Mickey Mouse

mickey mouse
If your little one is a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan, then he'll adore this costume. It's a good choice for Halloween because the front closure makes it easy to do a quick diaper change or potty break when you're out and about. All you need to do is practice your "Hot Dog" song dance he'll be the hit of any party.

Buzz Lightyear

buzz lightyear
Alright, space rangers, this one is for you! If your child has discovered the series, then this elaborate costume may be the perfect choice. However, the full body suit might make it a complicated get up if you're planning on taking your child out for several hours or if you are looking for your a costume he can wear to day care.
Other favorite characters from the three movies are also available, including Woody and Jesse.

Lightening McQueen

lightening mcqueen
A true lover may not be satisfied by this NASCAR-style racing suit. If you can couple it with a Lightening McQueen ride-on toy you might make one little guy's dreams come true.

Tinker Bell

There are few sights as adorable as a tyke dressed like a sweet pixie. Wings, magic dust, and an ethereal glow and you will believe she is from Neverland.

Winnie the Pooh

winnie the pooh
Winnie the Pooh is just one of the happiest characters in the Disney collection. An afternoon in this costume might require indulging in sweets and tramping through the wood (or at least the backyard) with your child. An easy-to-manage bodysuit with hood make this an excellent outfit for toddlers at anytime.

Mary Poppins' Dancing Penguin

This is certainly not the character you think of when you think "Disney." But now that you've seen the costume, can't you just picture your little one bundled up nice for a night of trick or treating? This is the kind of outfit my kid would don on random weeknights as they break into a little soft shoe dance for a jolly holiday for Mary.

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