14 Fabulous Fertility Facebook Pages You Should Be Following

Finding Fertility Support On Facebook

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Liking these fertility focused Facebook pages for support and community. Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

Facebook can be a blessing or a curse for those dealing with infertility. On the dark side, you are likely to get bombarded by baby pictures, pregnancy announcements, ultrasound images, and more in your news feed.

Just ugh.

With that said, you can also find resources and community on Facebook. One place to find support is on Facebook pages (or “fan” pages, as they are sometimes called).

Here are the best fertility-focused Facebook pages. Go ahead and like a few (or all!) of these, and add more understanding (and less ugh) to your Facebook experience.

Important note: Inclusion in this list is a recommendation only for their Facebook page. It should not be seen as an endorsement or recommendation for the services offered by the individual, organization, or businesses running the pages.

About Fertility

About Fertility cover banner for Facebook
Stay up to date on the latest and most popular content from About.com Fertility. Rachel Gurevich / About Fertility

Of course, you should be following About Fertility on Facebook!

You’ll get links to the latest articles, as well as the long time popular ones. I also share interesting fertility news, and inspirational videos and images. 

Sometimes I ask for reader comments and feedback for use in upcoming articles.

For example, this article on supporting an adult child with infertility – Waiting to Be a Grandparent? Here’s What Not to Do – was written with the help of About Fertility’s Facebook fans.

Resolve: The National Infertility Association

Cover banner for Resolve's Facebook page
You'll find community and advocacy opprotunities on Resolve's Facebook page. Resolve: The National Infertility Association

If you’re not familiar with Resolve yet, you need to fix that problem ASAP!

Resolve: The National Infertility Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide support, education, and advocacy to all those affected by infertility. They also help coordinate various Resolve support groups.

They have a thriving and very active Facebook community. If you’re looking for conversation and community, you’ll find it on their page. They post a variety of content, including news articles, informational and educational articles on infertility, and inspiring images.

Like their page to also stay up to date on Resolve’s various activities throughout the year, including Advocacy Day, National Infertility Awareness Week, and Walk of Hope gatherings around the country.

The Broken Brown Egg

Cover banner for Broken Brown Egg Facebook page
Real Talk Tuesday will empower you to own your true feelings on infertility. Regina Townsend / Broken Brown Egg

The Broken Brown Egg was founded by Regina Townsend to provide information and a voice to the African American infertility community.

But no matter what race you identify with, you need to follow her Facebook page.

You know all those things you want to say? You’ll find it on #RealTalkTuesdayBBE.

Her Real Talk Tuesday posts tell it like it is. Hard truths you can relate to.

Here are a few examples from her page:

  • “People with infertility are some of the most resilient and strong people that I have ever met.”
  • “You ever notice how easily people will tell you something is NOT a big deal or that YOU shouldn't worry about it, when it's something they already have? People are funny that way.”
  • “Know what pisses me off about Mother's Day the most though? The self-righteous chicks that do NOTHING for their kids all year, basking in the day like it's their own personal Christmas. Yeah.” 

You can also write to her with your own #RealTalk, and she may post them!

Parents Via Egg Donation (PVED)

PVED Facebook cover banner
Find thoughtful discussion on all infertility related topics, including family building via egg donation. Marna Gatlin / Parents Via Egg Donation

Parents Via Egg Donation, or PVED for short, was founded by Marna Gatlin to provide support and information to those looking to build their families via egg donation IVF.

PVED’s Facebook page, however, is for anyone trying to conceive, at any stage.

You’ll find selectively shared essays and news articles on infertility, information you can really use (like fertility treatment grant opportunities), and, of course, info relevant to anyone who is considering or already has become a parent via egg donation.

Still Standing Magazine

Cover banner for Still Standing Magazine
Still Standing Magazine breaks the silence on the grief cause by infertility, pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and child loss. Still Standing Magazine

If you are grieving the loss of a child, or want to support those who have experienced loss, this Facebook page is for you.

Still Standing Magazine speaks to the many ways parents and potential parents mourn – whether due to pregnancy loss, stillbirth, losing a child, or infertility.

A touching and supportive page, Still Standing Magazine’s Facebook page includes links to articles and essays from their website, resources for grieving parents, articles on how to cope with loss, inspiration, and conversation.

The world is often silent when it comes to pregnancy and child loss. Still Standing is breaking that silence.

Fertility Within Reach

Facebook cover banner for Fertility Within Reach
Find empowerment, encouragement, and advocacy on Fertility Within Reach's Facebook page. Fertility Within Reach

If you’re looking for information on financing your fertility treatment, along with an empowering and positive approach to dealing with infertility, this is a page you must like.

Fertility Within Reach is a non-profit organization, founded by Davina Fankhauser and Sandra O’Keefe, to empower those with infertility to advocate for themselves and for the infertility community. Their specialty is helping people find funding for treatment, whether via health insurance or other means.

On their Facebook page, you’ll find some financial advice, along with announcements of webinars and their consultation services. But the page is much more than that.

Fertility Within Reach’s page is unique in that the voice is overall very positive. Infertility can be a depressing and even bitterness-causing topic, but you’ll find very little of that here.

While still maintaining honesty about the struggle, Davina (who is the primary social media voice of the organization) shares helpful articles, information on advocacy opportunities, and inspirational messages and images.

You will feel uplifted and empowered towards action.

Amy Demma Law Offices

Facebook cover banner for Law Offices of Amy Demma
Learn about legal issues and legislation that affects those building their family via reproductive technologies. Law Offices of Amy Demma

The legal waters of infertility can be tricky – especially when it comes to reproductive technologies like surrogacy and egg, sperm and embryo donation.

Amy Demma Law Offices' Facebook page provides some insight into these issues.

Amy Demma is a New York licensed attorney practicing in the area of reproductive law. On her Facebook page, you’ll find information on upcoming webinars and conferences that address fertility legal issues.

You’ll also find articles – along with thoughtful discussion in the comments – that address current events, legislation, and other fertility related legal hurdles.

Failure to get proper legal counsel before embarking on these fertility paths can be disastrous. At best, it can cost you financially. At worst, it can cost you your child.

Stay informed and like this page!

Infertility Sucks

Facebook cover banner for Infertility Sucks
Hey, let's be honest. Infertility sucks. Find community and others that understand on the Infertility Sucks Facebook page. Infertility Sucks

And now, for something completely different – the Infertility Sucks community Facebook page.

Primarily, this page provides... community! Founded by an anonymous woman struggling with infertility, this page is all about community support.

You’ll find occasional funny fertility memes, but primarily, you’ll find community member questions and discussion requests. Conversation ranges from coping with friends and family to medical concerns to in-the-news hot topics.

If you like to give advice, request advice, or read others ask for and give advice, go ahead and like this page. Maybe you can help someone – or someone can help you!


Facebook cover banner for PCOS Diva
Get information and support for a dietary and lifestyle approach to PCOS. Amy Medlin / PCOS Diva

While PCOS is a common cause of female infertility, infertility isn’t the only struggle women with PCOS face. You’ll find acknowledgement and support for this on the PCOS Diva page.

If you’re solely interested in trying to conceive information, this page may not be for you. But if you have PCOS and are looking for ways to boost your overall health, this is a good page to like.

PCOS Diva posts a variety of educational news articles, lots of inspiring images and quotes, and, of course, links to her own articles and programs.

Yes, she does market her informational products on the page, and her lifestyle recommendations are not for everyone. Still, it’s a good page to follow, especially if you’re interested in a diet and lifestyle approach to PCOS treatment.

Sher Institute

Facebook cover banner for Sher Institutes
Follow Sher Institutes if you want more miracle babies in your feed, and to stay informed on the next I Believe project. Sher Fertility Institute

If you’re looking for hope, Sher Institute’s Facebook page is the place to be. You’ll find lots of baby pictures – but these are not just any babies. They are miracle babies.

Sher Institute is a national network of fertility clinics, eight in total, located throughout the United States. Their clinics can be found in Illinois, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

You may have heard of their I Believe project, which gives away a free IVF cycle to a number of people each year. To enter, participants create a video telling their infertility story.

You can get updates on I Believe, including when and how to enter (if you’d like to), and follow-up posts on former participants.

Also, you’ll find information on upcoming free webinars and local clinic events (at some of which you can be entered in a free IVF raffle), along with articles of interest from around the web.

Shady Grove Fertility

Facebook cover banner for Shady Grove Fertility Center
Find community and useful information on Shady Grove Fertility Center's Facebook page. Shady Grove Fertility Center

Shady Grove Fertility is another fertility clinic network offering up hope and community.

You’ll find information and behind the scenes photos from their clinics, which are located around the Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Baltimore area.

But of more general interest, you’ll find stories and questions from their Facebook fans. They refer to their fans as “SGF (Shady Grove Fertility) sisters.”

They also post informative articles and advocacy information. They don’t only talk about advocacy but take action as well. For example, they participated in Resolve’s Advocacy Day in 2015. (Awesome!)

Fertility Centers of Illinois

Facebook cover banner for Fertility Centers of Illinois
Find plenty of informational and inspirational images to share on the Fertility Centers of Illinois page. Fertility Centers of Illinois

Looking for practical advice, in an appealing visual format? Check out Fertility Centers of Illinois’ Facebook page.

This is another fertility clinic run Facebook page. (If you haven’t already guessed, Fertility Centers of Illinois can be found in... Illinois.) 

What’s special about their page are the images they create to share information. Shareable and useful information!

For example, looking at their page today, I see an image of beautiful tomatoes and avocados, along with a tip that avocados may help with embryo implantation. (I have no idea how accurate that information is, given that fertility foods are an ongoing area of research... but it sounds interesting!)

They also have a series called “What She DOESN’T Want to Hear When She’s Not Expecting.” Share these with your friends and family, and maybe you’ll hear less of those things people should not say to anyone struggling to conceive

Attain Fertility

Facebook cover banner for Attain Fertility
Get information on clinic events around the country on Attain Fertility's page. Attain Fertility

Get information on clinic events around the country on Attain Fertility’s Facebook Page.

Attain is best known for their financial programs, offering a number of IVF refund and payment packages. The Attain network includes over 35 clinics and over 180 reproductive endocrinologists.

On their Facebook page you'll hear about informational events held at their clinics. They also share inspirational images and the occasional article. There’s some conversation in the comments, but not as much as on other pages.

American Society of Reproductive Medicine

Facebook cover banner for the American Society of Reproductive Medicine
Find out about upcoming Twitter chats and ASRM conferances on the ASRM Facebook page. American Society of Reproductive Medicine

Following the American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s page is sort of a family obligation.

You’ll find information on upcoming ASRM conferences and Twitter chats, along with ASRM news. They also post informative articles from their website.

Let’s be honest... the ASRM page isn’t as happening and sparkly as the other Facebook pages on my recommended list.

But it’s the ASRM. Kind of like how you have to be friends with your mom on Facebook, it just makes sense to like ASRM if you’re experiencing infertility or if you consider yourself part of the fertility community.

(And following ASRM’s page will not lead to embarrassing comments or conversations on your personal Facebook page… unlike what happens with your mom on Facebook.)

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