The Best Gifts for Dieters

Supportive weight loss gifts make dieting easier for your loved one

gift ideas for dieters
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Do you need a gift for a dieter or exerciser in your life? Weight loss gifts can be hard to find. Some healthy gifts may offend your friend or family member and others might actually make the weight loss process harder. So how do you stay out of the dog house? Use these gift ideas for dieters, exercisers and healthy eaters.

Healthy Gifts for Dieters and Exercisers

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9 Clever Gift Ideas for Dieters 

Not yet ready to buy? Think about several of these gift ideas. Then don't be afraid to drop hints and ask questions to see if the gift might be something that your dieting friend or loved one might enjoy.

  • Activity tracker. Whether your loved one is trying to lose weight or simply trying to improve his or her health, a fitness tracker will help them reach their goals.  And you don't even need to spend a lot of money to get one. You can find models for as low as $12 and some over $150. There are even fitness trackers that look like expensive jewelry
  • Personal trainer. A few sessions with a fitness trainer might be just what your loved one needs to revamp his or her workout program and get results. Seek out a trainer that is certified by the American Council on Exercise, the American College of Sports Medicine or the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
  • If a diet and exercise related gift won’t sit well with your special person, consider getting them a massage, a facial or haircut at the local spa. Men and women alike will enjoy the experience of being pampered and de-stressed.
  • Fitness-friendly clothes. Has your loved one lost a significant amount of weight? If so, ask your local department store if they provide personal shopping services. Make an appointment for your gift recipient to spend an hour or two finding a new wardrobe for their svelte new physique. You might even be able to find clothing that helps your loved one lose more weight.
  • Body fat scale. Smart dieters and exercisers pay more attention to body composition than weight. A body fat scale will provide both numbers. This can be a tricky gift to give, however. Not every dieter will respond well to receiving a scale as a gift. You may want to drop hints or ask a friend to inquire before you invest in this option.
  • It’s nearly impossible to accurately count calories without a digital kitchen scale that measures food in grams. Most scales are sleek, small and sit on top of the kitchen counter where it is convenient to use. 
  • Exercise clothing. Working out is easier when you are confident and comfortable. Ask other friends or family members to find out which brands your loved one prefers and invest in a few pieces of comfy clothing.

Remember that the best source of gift ideas may be your loved one. The dieter or exerciser in your life may provide the best advice. So ask questions and listen for hints to find the best gift for the dieter in your life.

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