What Is The Best Life Diet?

The best life diet
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The Best Life Diet is both a book and an online subscription program. The plan is designed to help you change the way you eat and move each day to improve your health. You may be able to lose weight on the plan, but it is not designed for short-term or quick weight loss. is a healthy eating 

The Best Life Diet (Overview)

 is a healthy eating program authored by Bob Greene. You may recognize Greene as Oprah's famous personal trainer.

But Bob Greene is more than just a celebrity. He has a long history of work in the fitness and weight loss industry. Greene has a master’s degree from the University of Arizona is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

If you follow The Best Life Diet you learn how to swap unhealthy foods for healthier ones so that you feel full and satisfied. The swaps help you to avoid eating the foods that may have caused weight gain or other health problems. 

The Best Life Diet suggests permanent lifestyle changes, not short-term diet fixes. Habit changes include learning to become more active during the day and adopting strategies to avoid late night snacking. There is a focus on portion control and making sure you eat the right number of calories each day. The Best Life Diet is not a typical low carb diet, but it does require that you learn the difference between bad carbs and good carbs.

How to Follow The Best Life Diet

Bob Greene's eating and lifestyle program is broken down into three phases.

Best Life Diet Phase 1.  The first four weeks of The Best Life Diet are called phase 1. Greene says the purpose of this introductory phase is to lay the groundwork for adapting the program as a lifestyle rather than considering it a short-term diet.

During this time, Greene recommends that you follow simple changes including moving more often during the day, avoiding eating late at night, eating three meals and one snack each day, and drinking plenty of water.

You should not expect to lose a large amount of weight during this initial phase; depending on your current habits, you may not actually lose any weight.

Best Life Diet Phase 2: The second phase of The Best Life Diet lasts four weeks or longer if you have a significant amount of weight to lose. During this phase, Greene builds on the guidelines of phase 1 and begins to teach you how certain food switches allow you to lose weight. In this phase, you eliminate six unhealthy foods and learn to eat healthier alternatives.

Additionally, you learn to use a hunger scale to help you eat only when your body needs fuel. Portion control is an important part of this phase and more is recommended.

Best Life Diet Phase 3:  The last phase of The Best Life Diet is the maintenance phase. You continue to follow the guidelines set forth in the previous phases. You continue to eat balanced meals and Greene encourages you to eat more vegetables each time. Certain foods, such as high-fat meat, are eliminated or significantly reduced.

But, you are allowed to incorporate what Greene refers to as "Anything Goes" calories. These allowances let you enjoy special treats such as chocolate or popcorn without guilt. Daily exercise is required during phase 3.

The Best Life Diet Cost

The Best Life Diet book is available online in both hardcover and paperback versions. Used copies are also available for dieters on a budget.

The Best Life website requires a monthly membership fee of under $10/month. You can also choose a 3-month or annual membership to join the community and access the tools and services online. Prices may vary from time to time.

Does The Best Life Diet Work?

The purpose of The Best Life Diet is to teach you permanent lifestyle changes that will help you manage your weight. The principles of Greene's plan, such as portion control and hunger monitoring, are important skills for long-term success. The dietary changes are nutritionally sound and will almost certainly help you lose weight. If you continue to follow the principles Greene outlines, you most likely succeed. But if you return to your old eating habits at any time, the weight you have lost is very likely to start coming back.

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