The Best Pinterest Pages on Thyroid Disease

top pinterest sites on thyroid disease
Mary Shomon

If you're getting into Pinterest, like many people, did you know that it's a great place for thyroid information, thyroid infographics, and memes? Here are some of my favorite thyroid-related Pinterest boards! 

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically like a corkboard on your wall, where you pin images of things you find interesting. Except, it's an online board, and you can pin articles, images, even videos.

You can group them under specific topics, known as "boards" -- follow other pinners, and others can follow you. 

According to Wikipedia:

Pinterest is a free website that requires registration to use. Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content (e.g., videos and images) through collections known as pinboards. Pinterest acts as a personalized media platform. Users can browse the content of others on the main page. Users can then save individual pins to one of their own boards using the "Pin It" button, with Pinboards typically organized by a central topic or theme. Users can personalize their experience with Pinterest by pinning items, creating boards, and interacting with other members. By doing so, the users "pin feed" displays unique, personalized results.

Content can also be found outside of Pinterest and similarly uploaded to a board via the "Pin It" button, which can be downloaded to the bookmark bar on a web browser, or be implemented by a webmaster directly on the website. They also have the option of sending a pin to other Pinterest users and email accounts through the "Send" button. Some websites include red and white "pin it" buttons on items, which allow Pinterest users to pin them directly.

Initially, there were several ways to register a new Pinterest account. Potential users could either receive an invitation from an already registered friend, or they could request an invitation directly from the Pinterest website that could take some time to receive. An account can also be created and accessed by linking Pinterest to a Facebook or Twitter profile. When a user re-posts or re-pins an image to their own board, they have the option of notifying their Facebook and Twitter followers; this feature can be managed on the settings page.

On the main Pinterest page, a "pin feed" appears, displaying the chronological activity from the Pinterest boards that a user follows. When browsing for new boards and relevant pins, users can visit a "Tastemakers" page that recommend pinboards with content similar to previous pins saved by a user. For both guests and Pinterest users, there are currently four main sections to browse: everything, videos, popular, and gifts.

Quick links to Pinterest include the "pin it" button that can be added to the bookmark bar of a web browser, "Follow me" and "Pin it" buttons added to personal website or blog page, and the Pinterest iPhone application available through the App Store.

For a detailed look at Pinterest, read The Atlantic's article, What Is Pinterest? A Database of Intentions, in which Evan Sharp, one of the co-founders of Pinterest, delves into what the popular site is all about.

The "Dummies" series has some great introductory pages on Pinterest, excerpted from their book:

Constant Contact has a helpful page, Getting Started on Pinterest.

The CCFLearnFree site has a great tutorial on Pinterest and how to use it.

Best Thyroid Boards (As of July 2015)

I'm going to update this regularly, but as of July 2015, here are some of my favorite Pinterest boards covering thyroid disease. 

My ThyroidMary Board
Check out my Pinterest board, "ThyroidMary" for the latest on hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, diet, healthy eating, and the latest news. 

Pinterest's Explore Hypothyroidism Board
Gives you a good selection of some of the latest pins from variouos boards across Pinterest.

Dear Thyroid 
One of my favorite sites, Dear Thyroid, has a wonderful Pinterest board with over 1,300 followers.

Thyroid Change
Advocacy group Thyroid Change has more than 900 followers, and many boards and pins, with information, infographics, and helpful information and links.

Sarah Milne's Hypothyroidism Board 
Sarah Milne's Hypothyroidism Board, with over 300,000 followers, is a great starting place.

Joysan's Thyroid Board
Many excellent infographics from around the web are pinned at this board, which has almost 2,000 followers.

Stupid Hypothyroidism...
Ani Payne's Stupid Hypothyroidism Pinterest page has 800+ followers, and many interesting articles and informative graphics.

Mary P's Thyroid Board
Follow Mary P's Thyroid Board, with 550+ others, for pins with an emphasis on nutrition and food.

Julia Tremarelli's Thyroid Board 
Julia Tremarelli's Thyroid board, with 160+ followers, has good pins about nutrition, gut health, and natural hormone balance.

Reba Sherwood's Thyroid Thoughts
With almost 500 followers, this board features a good cross-section of integrative information on thyroid condition.

Dr. Jill Carnahan's Thyroid Health Tips & Tricks
Jill Carnahan, MD has almost 800 followers for her Thyroid Health Tips & Tricks board, with many helpful infographics.

Suzanne Fountain's Thyroid Board 
Suzanne Fountain's board has more than 1,000 followers, and emphasizes food, nutrition and vitamins.

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