The Best Pocket Cloth Diapers

I totally understand why pocket diapers are usually the preferred style for parents who cloth diaper. Next to All-In-Ones, they are the closest you can get to a disposable diaper. Cloth diapers save money, reduce waste and put you in control of what touches your baby's skin. Plus, they come in lots of cute styles and customizable fits.

Because of their popularity, you'll find that there are dozens of cloth diaper brands - some mass-marketed; others made by work-at-home moms. Sifting through the options to find the best style can be tricky, so save time by checking out this list of six great brands:

bumGenius Original 4.0 Pocket Cloth Diapers


As silly as the name sounds, bumGenius has had a major effect on the cloth diaper business. Their claim to fame is that their cloth diapers are essentially the first pocket diaper design meant to be used from the time your little one is an itty bitty baby to a toddler.

With bumGenius there is no need to buy several diapers as your baby grows; just one diaper could potentially get you through potty training. The bumGenius brand has become a very popular, well known name, and many parents have given their diapers positive reviews since they first appeared in 2005.

Bummis Flannel Fitted Cloth Diapers

Bummis makes cloth diapers fun with their adorable flannel prints. This fitted, yet ultra absorbent diaper has an organic cotton sherpa interior that is soft on baby's skin and it doesn't contain BPA, lead or phthalates. Tabs, snaps and a wide elastic band create the perfect fit, and it's also really easy to wash.

The diaper can also be used with Bummis cute covers. You can also use it day or night. Add a booster for extra nighttime absorption. This diaper continues to be well-reviewed by users and is definitely worth your consideration.

Tiny Tush Elite 2.0 Pocket Diapers

When I got into cloth diapering, Tiny Tush was the first brand I tried. Their products are well made and their customer service is fantastic. It definitely doesn't surprise me that these diapers seem to be a pocket diaper favorite. The Elite 2.0 has four rows of snaps to adjust the fit, making it a great diaper to use as your baby grows or if you have multiple kids in diapers.


Rainshine Designs makes one-size diapers like the others, but their sized diapers are also noteworthy. The company is run by a work-at-home mom in Canada and the products are completely comparable to those made by a larger manufacturer. Customers often note how quickly orders are processed, and there is usually a great selection of prints and solid fabrics to choose from. You might appreciate the friendly, personal service of Rainshine Designs.


FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diapers

FuzziBunz is another big name in the cloth diapering world. Their Perfect Size diapers come in four different sizes. Though that means you'd have to buy multiple sizes as your baby grows, there are several advantages of using FuzziBunz diapers.

There is no need to double up fabric to fit, so there is less bulk, and no-fuss adjustments mean quicker diaper changes. One-sized diapers are nice because they can be used for as long as your baby's in diapers, but they get beat up after being used so much. If you plan on cloth diapering multiple children, FunniBunz diapers are more likely to last.

Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Diapers

Thirsties Babys

Thirsties diapers are like a hybrid of sized diapers and one-sized diapers. Their Duo diaper has a customizable rise, but not as much as, say, a bumGenius pocket diaper. Thirsties Duo diapers come in two sizes: 6-8 pounds and 18-40 pounds.

You'll likely find that the smallest setting will fit better on your tiny baby than other diapers and the larger size will accommodate a slightly heavier baby than comparable one-sized diapers.

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