The Best Sweet Snacks for Dieters

The Best Sweet Treats for You

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Everyone loves to grab piece of candy or chocolate now and then. But if you're trying to lose weight or eat a healthier diet, the kind of treat you grab makes a big difference - even if it's a low-calorie sweet snack. It's critical that you satisfy your sweet tooth according to your "sweet treat style" so that you don't eat too much and ruin your diet.

So how do you determine your sweet treat style? Almost everyone falls into one of these three categories:

  • Portion control pro: Most of us want to be a portion control pro. This is the dieter who can eat just a few bites of any dessert and then stop. The key, however, is knowing how much to nibble so you don't eat too many calories.
  • Distracted dieter. Do you crave sweet snacks when you're bored, tired, or upset? Then you're probably eating because you need a distraction. These eaters need sweet snacks that are lowest in calories and take longer to eat.
  • Sugar junkie. If you're a sugar junkie, you crave sugar all the time. You have a hard time eating just a small amount of any sweet treat and you usually consume more calories and sugar than you need. These eaters need portion-controlled, low calorie sweets that are also high in protein or fiber to control hunger.

Now that you know what kind of sweet eater you are, check this list of low-calorie sweet snacks to find the treat that works best for you.


best caramels for weight loss
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Each piece of caramel candy contains only 40 calories and less than 1 gram of fat. The great thing about them is that you have to go through the trouble of unwrapping each one before you eat it. So it takes some time to enjoy these calories. 

This sweet treat is great for distracted dieters.

Meringue Cookies

cookies for weight loss
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Can you believe that a cookie can be low in calories? Well, they can if they are meringue cookies. These sweet treats are made from sugar, flavoring and egg whites. They provide only about 10 calories per cookie. And since they are made from egg whites, you get (a little bit) of protein with each serving.

This sweet treat is good for sugar junkies

Jelly Beans

jelly beans to lose weight
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Jelly beans are fun to eat because they are fun to look at. But they are also very low in calories.  A single serving is about 35-40 beans, which can take a while to eat if consumed individually. And it adds only about 80 calories to your total daily intake.

This snack is good for portion control pros and distracted dieters

Hot Chocolate

chocolate to lose weight
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Nothing is more soothing and comforting that a yummy cup of hot chocolate. This portion-controlled treat can contain as few as 25 calories if you buy the packaged sugar-free varieties. But even homemade skim hot chocolate is low in calories and it's hard to guzzle. So you'll take plenty of time to savor this treat.

This treat is great for distracted dieters and sugar junkies. Portion control pros can even enjoy some whipped cream on top.


sweetest treats that are low in calories
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The calories in a marshmallow depend on the size that you consume. Those tiny mini-marshmallows provide only 2 calories per treat. Bigger marshmallows contain about 25 calories. These can provide an instant fix to cure your sugar craving, but only if you eat just a few.

This treat is good for portion control pros.

Jello with Fruit or Nuts

healthy jello cubes with almonds
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Jello is a safe treat for dieters because it is low in calories and if you buy the sugar-free variety, it is also low in sugar. A single pack of Jell-O brand Sugar-Free Gelatin Snack has only 10 calories! It's portion-controlled and because it is so low in calories you can pair it with some healthy fiber-rich fruit or nuts.

This sweet treat is great for sugar junkies.



oatmeal for weight loss
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We often think of oatmeal as an entire meal, but a small portion of oatmeal can also cure hunger cravings, especially when you're looking for something sweet. Four ounces (that's a 1/2 cup) contains only 100 calories. But you'll also get the benefit of fiber to fill you up and help you feel satisfied. Sprinkle a dusting of brown sugar on top to boost the sweetness.

This sweet treat is great for sugar junkies.

Tootsie Roll

best candy for weight loss
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If you really want to sink your teeth into a sweet treat, then Tootsie Rolls are perfect for you. Each one of the mini chocolately treats contains about 10 calories. But in order to get to the candy you have to unwrap them. They also take a long time to chew. 

This treat is good for distracted dieters.

Pudding Snack Pack

Snack pack weight loss foods
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Need a creamy, portion-controlled sweet snack? Pudding packs are perfect. They come in flavors like vanilla, chocolate and caramel. Each diet-friendly sugar-free pack only provides 60 calories.  Add a few slices of apple to a caramel pudding pack for a caramel apple treat that provides fiber as well.

This treat is great for sugar-junkies.  Portion control pros can add whipped topping or nuts to make a mini diet-friendly sundae.

Chocolate Kiss

chocolate for weight loss
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Love chocolate? Almost all of us do. But it's hard to eat chocolate on a diet. A chocolate bar can contain hundreds of calories. A safer alternative is to eat tiny chocolate kisses. Each tiny milk chocolate treat contains only 22 calories. But the best thing about them is that you have to unwrap them to get to the treat.

This treat is good for distracted dieters.

Hard Candy or Lollipop

candy to help you lose weight
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If you're on the go and you need a sugar fix, a hard candy or lollipop will do the trick. These sugary treats are also good for when you need to curb nervous eating. The calories in a candy or lollipop will depend on the size, but most weigh in at 50 calories or less.

This is a good treat for distracted dieters

Pumpkin Pie

the right amount of pumpkin pie for dieters
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If you're going to indulge in a slice of pie after dinner, pumpkin pie is one of your best options. The trick, however, is eating the right portion size.  A large serving like the one pictured above can provide 300 calories or more. But a smaller sliver (1/2 to 1/3 of the serving shown above) will cut the calories substantially. Skip the whipped topping unless you eat a very small slice.

This sweet treat is best for portion control pros.

Oatmeal Cookie

best cookies to lose weight
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If you love to bake, oatmeal cookies can satisfy your sweet tooth and provide you with some healthy whole grains.  Make them with rolled oats or steel cut oats for more texture. A single oatmeal cookie provides about 60-70 calories. If you love cookies and think that you'll be tempted to eat too many, you can always opt for 100-calorie cookie snack packs to satisfy your cravings.

This treat is good for sugar junkies.

Frozen Pops

frozen treats for weight loss
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A great sweet treat in the summer is ice cream. But most brands are loaded with fat and calories. A popsicle, however, provides only 45 calories. And since this sweet treat is frozen, you have to lick it slowly. If you prefer chocolate, most fudge bars weigh in at 100 calories or less and they take just as long to eat.

This treat is good for distracted dieters.

Angel Food Cake

angel food cake for weight loss
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If cake is your sweet treat of choice, then angel food is for you. A single slice contains only 75 calories. If you're trying to keep the calorie and fat content at the lowest possible number, eat it plain (it's delicious!) or dust it with a little bit of powdered sugar. But if you can eat just a small serving of toppings, add whipped cream and berries or a drizzle of chocolate syrup to jazz it up.

This treat is great for portion control pros, distracted dieters and for sugar junkies

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