The Best Websites to Help You Lose Weight

Get free diet advice and tips online

You don't have to go very far to get weight loss advice. If you're close to your computer - or even your smartphone - you'll find plenty of diet tips, exercise guidance and weight loss support. But sorting through the good and the bad websites for weight loss can be tricky. So here's  my list of the best websites to help you lose weight.

How to Find the Best Websites for Weight Loss

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Scientists did a study to evaluate the best weight loss websites.  Their results will help you sort the trendy nonsense from the real evidence so that you slim down in less time with less effort.

More Weight Loss

Whether you have 10 pounds to lose or 100 pounds to lose, you'll find plenty of advice about healthy eating, exercise, lifestyle tips, diet pills and even the latest fads and trends.  Need to look thinner right away? That's covered too.


Calorie Count

Find calorie counts for all of your favorite foods, as well as diet support, recipes and other tools. Calorie Count is free to use and you can even sign up for free newsletters and use the mobile app to stay on track no matter where you are.


Recipe Tool at MyFitnessPal

I use this website all the time when I cook. Learn how to find and use the recipe tool at MyFitnessPal so that the food you cook at home is healthier.  Then learn how to use the tool to make substitutions to bring the calorie count under control in recipes that have more calories and fat.


Model My Diet

This cool body simulator uses your physical features and then shows you what your body will look like when you hit your goal weight.  You can even get images of how your body will look at different points along your weight loss journey. It's a great motivator for some dieters.


USDA SuperTracker

One of my favorite websites for monitoring food intake, calorie counts and exercise is the one designed by the USDA. From the Super Tracker site you can easily navigate to ChooseMyPlate where you'll find plenty of resources to help you reach healthy eating goals, like getting enough fiber or eating the right number of fruits and vegetables each day.


The Best Fun and Easy Online Workouts (List)

If going to the gym isn't convenient, then don't go!  Use my list of the best workout websites to find a workout that you can do in your own living room.  Many of the sites are free and some charge a small fee. But almost all of them are cheaper than a gym membership


Online Help for the Do-It-Yourself Dieter

Need help from a registered dietitian? You can get it online!  Need some diet support to get you through those tough moments when you want to give up? You can find it online!  You'll find plenty of helpful resources on this list with links to the websites that offer free or low cost help.


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