The Best Workout to Lose Fat

Your weight loss workout should include these exercises to burn fat

The best workout to burn more fat
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Does your workout plan include the best workout to lose fat? All fat burning exercises help you slim down, but some workouts are better at others at burning belly fat and slimming inches off your thighs, highs and buttocks. And the good news is that the best weight loss workout is quick and simple to do.

The Best Workout to Lose Fat

If you're really serious about changing your body, losing belly fat and sculpting arms and legs that are tight and toned, you need to do high intensity interval training.

Pros and coaches call it HIIT or simply interval training. HIIT workouts last only 20-30 minutes (sometimes less!) and they involve full body movements that burn calories and tighten your muscles at the same time.

How do these weight loss workouts burn more fat? It's simple. The short sessions increase your heart rate higher than typical fat burning workouts so you burn more calories in less time. And the good news is that HIIT workouts actually change your metabolism so that you burn more calories all day long - even when you're not working out!

How to Start a Weight Loss Workout Plan

Even thought the best workouts to burn fat are short, they are not easy. In order for your HIIT workout to make a difference, it has to be hard. That means you'll be breathing more deeply when you exercise and your muscles might burn a little more than your typical fat burning workout.

So there are two things you need to know before you start a weight loss workout plan.

  1. You need to be healthy enough for fat burning workouts. If you're not sure, if you're new to exercise or if you've had a medical condition, check with your doctor before starting any vigorous workout.
  2. Schedule a complete weight loss workout plan. You can do a few fat burning exercises here and there and hope for results, but your program will be more effective if you schedule HIIT workouts into a complete plan that includes time for variety and recovery.

    Workout to Lose Fat in 4 Steps

    When you first begin HIIT training to burn fat, you should replace just one workout per week with a high intensity session. Follow these other steps to make the most out of your weight loss workout program. If you’re not sure how to structure the week’s workouts, you can use this sample schedule.

    • Step One: The HIIT Workout to Burn More Fat 
      You can follow my sample HIIT session for a fat loss workout or you can create your own fat burning session with the simple instructions that are provided. Remember, the best fat burning exercises are those that include large muscles throughout your whole body. So don't be afraid to include burpees, jumping jacks, and even push ups to burn belly fat and improve upper body strength.
    • Step Two: Burn More Calories With EPOC
      Researchers have discovered that people who participate in high intensity exercise benefit from a phenomenon called EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Some exercisers call it the “afterburn” and it can help you burn more calories. How do you make sure that you benefit from EPOC? Use a heart rate monitor during your fat burning workout to make sure you're working hard enough.


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