Book Review: The Blood Sugar Solution

Mark Hyman, MD

"The Blood Sugar Solution" is a book by Mark Hyman, M.D., family physician, New York Times bestselling author, and proponent of a holistic approach to health treatment called functional medicine. This book provides in-depth information on the development of type 2 diabetes. Using a whole-systems approach, the reader can use health quizzes to tailor an optimal treatment plan, a six-week action plan, and a meal plan with whole-food clean recipes that are provided.


  • Nicely organized in a way that allows you to view the body as a collection of intertwined systems
  • Detailed whole-system plan for better health using multiple approaches and methods
  • Enlightening quizzes that allow you to assess your health, system by system
  • Complex concepts made easy to understand
  • A highly customizable six-week action plan
  • Meal plans and healthy clean recipes


  • Could require drastic lifestyle changes that might be hard for many to make
  • Recommended supplements could be quite costly

Guide Review

I believe people with type 2 diabetes need to constantly educate themselves otherwise motivation stalls and memory fails. It is also helpful to consider different viewpoints and approaches to keep you on your toes. "The Blood Sugar Solution" hits these bases.

"The Blood Sugar Solution" consists of 29 chapters organized into six sections:

  • Understanding the Modern Plague
  • The Seven Steps to Treating Diabesity
  • The Blood Sugar Solution: Preparation
  • The Six-Week Action Plan
  • Take Back Our Health
  • The Blood Sugar Solution Meal Plan and Recipes

This book provides a path to assess your health and follow a detailed tailored plan for your unique personal situation. The book guides you system by system and has you complete quizzes along the way.

These quizzes help give you an idea of what areas you need to focus on to improve your health. It also explains the importance of insulin, insulin resistance, good nutrition, hormone regulation, minimizing inflammation, improving digestion, detoxification, boosting metabolism, and relaxation.

Components of the plan include fresh whole clean foods, exercise, stress reduction, and supplements. Information and suggestions for supplements are detailed, and Dr. Hyman stresses their importance throughout the book.

The book finishes with simple recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists.

My Take

This is a book I would recommend. I personally believe in the power of whole nutritious foods and healthy living. The diet prescription in the book is not far from what I already try to practice.

Because of this, following the diet plan would not be that much of a stretch for me. However, I realize this lifestyle might be very hard for some to wrap their mind around or adopt. To help make it easier, the book includes ample time for preparation and slowly easing into the lifestyle. Practical suggestions are offered for improving your chances for adherence and success. There are also writing exercises to help discover what mental roadblocks or everyday obstacles might be holding you back.

Positive lifestyle changes can go a long way when you have type 2 diabetes, so it is worth your time to read this book and consider the changes suggested. If it is not something you can do now, maybe the seed can be planted to take root in the future. That is how I personally got into the whole-food lifestyle. I read many books and eventually, the information sunk in and the motivation followed.​

The emphasis on supplements may be warranted, but it could be costly. I'm not sure how realistic using all the supplements recommended would be for the average reader. After reading the book, I did not have a clear idea of how much could be accomplished without supplements, and I wish that could have been addressed better because it could be discouraging for readers who can't do that.

I personally found the quizzes very eye opening. In fact, I discovered the name for a condition I've dealt with since the 1980s and was not aware it could be related to diabetes. Diabetes is so complex and broad, discoveries like this are often made while strolling down random literary side paths.

In my opinion, this book would be a helpful addition to your diabetes library and knowledge base.

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