The Color Psychology of Black

How Does the Color Black Make You Feel?

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Black is real sensation, even if it is produced by entire absence of light. The sensation of black is distinctly different from the lack of all sensation. -Hermann von Helmholz

The Color Psychology of Black

  • Black absorbs all light in the color spectrum.
  • Black is often used as a symbol of menace or evil, but it is also popular as an indicator of power. It is used to represent treacherous characters such as Dracula and is often associated with witchcraft.
  • Black is associated with death and mourning in many cultures. It is also associated with unhappiness, sexuality, formality, and sophistication.
  • In ancient Egypt, black represented life and rebirth.
  • Black is often used in fashion because of its slimming quality.
  • Consider how black is used in language: Black Death, blackout, black cat, black list, black market, black tie, black belt.

How Does the Color Black Make You Feel?

While black has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color black can vary widely. The following are some of the reactions to the color black that readers have shared.

Black Is a Powerful Color

"When I wear black I often feel more confident and powerful. I walk taller and feel stronger." -Cluther

"I find and have always found Black to be a very empowering colour." -Cate

"When someone asks, "Why did you pick black for your (fill in the blank)?," I always respond, "But it's a 'happy' black!" (It's either that or I choose "carefree gray".)" -John

"The color black makes me feel poise and confidant when worn. This color gives me the feeling of control in life." -Kay

"Well, if I de-program my mind from all the nonsense the color black is suppose to be, I feel powerful. Its only a color. The mind is the factor of evil or good. Because in the beginning of time out of blackness came light." -John

Black Is Fashionable

"Makes me look slimmer and classy." -Beverly

"Just wanted to give you my take on how the color black makes me feel. GREAT! I just love the color black. It goes with everything, it does seem to make me look slimmer, I feel dressed up even when I'm not, it matches everything and is fun to dress up or make sporty.

I do not associate it with evil or death or anything negative really.I wear it all year long even in the hot summer months here in Florida. These are just my thoughts on how the color black makes me feel. I love other colors as well but I seem to always be drawn to clothes especially with black in it." -Barbara

"I love black. I remember new black patent shoes when I was little with snow white socks. I've never felt so elegant. And an expensively made black suit! W

None of your items on your "black" list (LOL!) mentions contrast. But that's why I love black: I love contrast." -Rose

Black Is Calming

"Black makes me feel warm, protected and safe." -Calinda

"For me the color black makes me fell complete and calm. When I wear the color I fell safe and reassured, ready for anything." -Dmefa

Black Is Confident and Mature

"Up until a very few years ago, I wore nothing black.

I just never wanted to wear black, and I never felt that it was a colour for me. However, during these intervening years, I have started to enjoy wearing black! I do not know how much of this is colour-consciousness or otherwise. I look back on when I wore no black, and I try to compare with nowadays. I have matured/changed/grown up - due to circumstances. I have changed my outlook on life - due to circumstances. I do think that the colours and the styles on offer, for a uniform, should be a big part of a personal decision about a job. But it may be one factor on your own tick-list of whether you would accept a job offer or not.

I am sure I'm not the only person who has been changed (temporarily or otherwise) by circumstances." -Christine

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