The Dangers of Buying Clomid Without a Prescription

Why You Should Think Twice & Alternative Options if You Can't Get Clomid

Woman sitting at computer in darkened room buying Clomid online
Any site that will sell you Clomid without a prescription can not be trusted. Don't do it. Sam Diephuis / Getty Images

If you’re considering buying Clomid online – without seeing a doctor and without a prescription – don’t do it. Seriously. Just don’t.

In fertility forums and on social media sites, you’ll find women looking to buy Clomid without a prescription, and some even bragging about how they got some. Personally, I receive a few emails every month from readers asking me where they can get Clomid.

But trying to get Clomid without a doctor’s supervision is a terrible idea.

It is dangerous. It is illegal. And it may not even get you what you want...

The Dangers of Buying Clomid Online

Let’s say you just walked out of your doctor’s office, and there, standing by your car in the parking lot, is a man who you have never met or seen before. He has a long white doctor’s coat, dark shades, and a large brim hat.

You cautiously walk over to open your car door, when he asks, “Hey... you want some Clomid?” He opens up his doctor’s coat, revealing bottles of various medications.

Would you buy something from this man? Would you take those pills?

No! Of course you wouldn’t! You might even call the police.

But when you purchase Clomid from a shady website, you might as well be buying from a suspicious parking lot guy.

How do you know if a website is shady?

Well, will they give you Clomid without a prescription? Then they are shady.

Or, if the website says they have “doctors” employed who will “give you a prescription” for Clomid, without ever having seen you, you can also assume that the website is untrustworthy.

The FDA has been working hard to stop unlawful sales of prescription drugs online.

The pills being sold by these websites are often tainted, expired, or counterfeit medications.

Some contain different active ingredients than listed and even poisonous substances, which can lead to dire consequences.

For example, the FDA purchased Tamiflu from one of these sites.

When the supposed Tamiflu was analyzed, they discovered the pills contained talc and acetaminophen.

In another example, the FDA reports that consumers attempting to purchase anti-anxiety medications like Ativan and Xanax received instead the anti-psychotic drug Haldol.

After taking these mistaken pills, the consumers ended up in the emergency room, needing treatment for difficulty breathing, muscle spasms, and muscle stiffness – all side effects of Haldol.

5 Reasons Not to Purchase Clomid Without a Prescription

There are so many reasons not to buy Clomid online. Including the following...

Your credit card information – or even your identity – may get stolen.

Remember, sites selling Clomid without a prescription are not to be trusted. The site may say they are “trusted” or “secure,” but that may be a lie.

Some online drug stores are phishing sites. They have no intention of mailing you any Clomid at all. They just want your credit card information, so they can either steal it themselves or sell your information to criminals.

On sites that ask detailed information for their “doctors” to give you a “prescription,” you may unintentionally provide enough information for them to steal your identity.

You may receive counterfeit drugs.

You might receive a box or bottle of pills that looks like Clomid. They may even have the drug name written on the pill, or look like a real Clomid pill.

However, those pills may not be Clomid at all.

At best, it’s a sugar pill. At worst, it’s a dangerous drug or even contains poison. (Yes, some of these pills have been found to contain rat poison, among other things.) See the FDA stories above.

You may receive expired or tainted Clomid.

Expired Clomid won’t work, and if it’s tainted, it could be seriously harmful.

You may have an adverse side effect to Clomid.

While Clomid has relatively mild side effects, some of the potential risks are serious.

If you get Clomid from your doctor, you may also experience a serious side effects. But at least your doctor will be supervising your treatment.

It’s illegal.

In case you didn’t realize it, purchasing prescription drugs without a prescription is illegal in most countries. Importing prescription drugs from other countries is also illegal.

Don’t break the law.

What if You Can’t Get Clomid the Regular Way?

I assume that if you’re looking to buy Clomid without a prescription, you have your reasons.

Consider the following common reasons and alternative options.

Clomid isn’t medically indicated for you.

There is a misconception that Clomid can help a person with regular fertility get pregnant faster.

This is actually not true. You may be surprised to know that some side effects of Clomid can decrease your fertility.

Clomid can’t even help every couple with infertility.

Another common reason women want to get Clomid is because they want to have twins.

Please remember that while twins are a blessing, a twin pregnancy and birth is high risk. If you can conceive one baby at a time, it’s better for you and better for your future babies.

You don't have insurance to see a doctor and get a prescription.

Consider for a moment how much it’s going to cost you if you have a bad reaction to the drugs you purchase. You may end up in the emergency room, and that will cost far more than a visit to the doctor.

Also, if you get the real thing, you could get pregnant with twins. The cost of pregnancy and childbirth care with twins is significantly higher than with a singleton pregnancy.

Not to mention the cost of caring for twins after they are born.

If this is about money, reconsider. You may end up spending more than if you paid to see a real doctor and get a legit prescription.

Your doctor refuses to prescribe Clomid for you.

If your doctor is refusing treatment, she may or may not have legitimate reasons for doing so.

If you don't think your doctor's reasons make sense, get a second opinion. Seek out other doctors. Remember that you have options!

In some countries, doctors require patients to be a certain age or weight in order to get Clomid. If this is your situation, consider seeing a private doctor.

If a private doctor is unavailable, do what you can to meet your doctor’s requirements. If they insist you lose weight, find out how much you need to lose. Ask for medical help in losing that weight.

If it’s your age that disqualifies you, ask your doctor what options you do have. It’s worth mentioning that Clomid is unlikely to work in women age 40 and older. Other fertility treatment options may be better for you.

Your doctor thinks you should try longer first.

Remember – if you don’t feel you’re getting good care, you should find another doctor!

Are All Online Fertility Drug Sales Dangerous?

After all this, you may be wondering if you should purchase any sort of medication online.

There are reliable online pharmacies. This is a good topic to discuss with your doctor.

Reliable pharmacies, however, will always require a prescription.

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