The easy to use secret weapon to accomplish your goals

Visualization can be your secret weapon in achieving your goals.

All successful people use this secret weapon to accomplish their goals whether they do so on purpose or not. The best athletes use it too. So why not put to use this secret weapon yourself so that you, too, can be on top of your game? It does not need to cost you a fortune or hours a day of practice. In fact, this secret weapon is free of charge and only takes minutes to employ. What is it?


Envisioning a crystal clear picture in your imagination about you completing your goal is one of the easiest and most effective things that you can do to achieve it. It has been used for decades by world class athletes to help them achieve peak performances, and research has demonstrated that it works.


Numerous studies in sports psychology demonstrate how effective visualization can be in athletic performance. Researchers in one study, for example, found that the mere act of imagining weight lifting caused some change in muscle activity.

It has been said that Tiger Woods uses visualization to perfect his golf game, but you do not need to be an elite athlete to benefit from visualization. In another study, visualization was used with beginner golfers, and it was demonstrated that physical practice combined with mental imagery resulted in better results than just physical practice alone.

Your turn

If you are ready to be more of a winner in your own life, practicing visualization can help a great deal. Following are some tips to help you put visualization to work for you.

  1. Practice visualization when you are relaxed. It has been said just after waking up and just before going to sleep are good times to practice. If you already have a meditation practice, consider adding a few minutes of visualization.
  1. Get clear on your desired outcome, and bring it to life in your mind. Imagine yourself having achieved your goal, and bring all of the details to life in your picture. How will it feel? What will you be thinking? Who will be around you? Make it real in your mind, and bring out every minute detail that you can. Try to engage all five of your senses to make it as realistic as possible.
  2. Be consistent with your visualization practice. It will become more effortless over time and will become your secret weapon to achieve your goals.

Other tools to help with visualization

Many utilize "vision boards" which are collections of images of desired outcomes. A vision board can be created from magazine pictures, such as desired places of travel, or that new car or a new relationship you desire. Place the vision board somewhere you will see it daily.

Affirmations are also quite popular to help you convince yourself that what you desire is a reality. An affirmation is essentially a statement about your desired goal.

It is important to write affirmations in the present tense and to really feel the positive emotion behind the statement that you are affirming.

Visualization and these tools are free and easy methods to help you achieve your goals. They will not replace necessary action, but they can motivate you to proceed in the right direction.


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