The Evolution of the Pregnancy Announcement

How to Announce Your Third Pregnancy

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Pregnancy announcements are how we share the news of a new baby on the way with family and friends. Though how we make announcements can be very different. Some people choose to make elaborate videos, some people post ultrasound photos on the social media accounts, and others have a grand surprise reveal at a family gathering. But here is the truth behind the pregnancy announcement.

Your First Pregnancy

You are super excited to be expecting your first baby. You and your partner might waffle about when to tell everyone the good news, but you hope it will be really early on in the pregnancy. Women usually want to run from the bathroom while waving a still wet stick to tell the whole world. Men may be a bit slower to share with others, typically waiting at least until there has been a bout of morning sickness.

You both probably told a few people as soon as possible, but for everyone else, you want to make it a surprise announcement. Mom-to-be pins 8,371 pins on Pinterest about pregnancy announcements. As a couple will spend time pouring over each one, narrowing the field to a handful. Then you work on the logistics.

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Your announcement is made and comes off perfectly as you delight in the words of wisdom and kindness from your family and friends.

They are excited for you and cannot wait to know if you are having a girl or a boy. They ask you a lot of questions: Where will you have the baby? Have you seen the midwife yet? Do you have names picked out for your baby? When is the baby shower? Are you feeling sick yet?

They also will give you advice on pregnancy and parenting:

  • Sleep when you can!
  • Eat a bit of protein before bed so you don’t have as much morning sickness.
  • Aren’t maternity clothes adorable? Get some ASAP.
  • Don’t’ forget to gain enough weight.
  • Make sure you use stretch mark cream to avoid stretch marks.

Everything is fairy tale perfect and you are both so excited.

Your Second Pregnancy

When it comes time to have your second baby. You are really excited! You only have about 542 pins on how to announce your second pregnancy, and 467 of them include using your older child as a way to announce the pregnancy. You and your partner decide to wait a little bit this time so you can feel a bit better – running after a toddler and having morning sickness at the same time is really hard!

When you make your pregnancy announcement everyone is happy for you! A few people ask you if perhaps the kids are too close or too far apart, but generally everyone is in a good mood. Everyone has a lot of questions for you, like: Do you know what you’re having yet? (They KNOW it will be the opposite of what you already have at home!) What does your older child think about having a new baby? Is the older child potty trained? Where will your older child sleep?

The advice is different the second time around:

  • Hurry up and potty train the older child – you don’t want two in diapers!
  • Put your older child in school so you can sleep.
  • Don’t eat as much this time around, you don’t want to gain more weight on top of what you haven’t lost from the first baby.
  • Don’t worry about stretch mark cream, it’s too late for you.
  • Remember that your older child is still a child.

Your Third Pregnancy

The differences with your third pregnancy announcement depend on the outcome of the second baby. If you now have both a boy and a girl, please see: Any Pregnancy Past Your Third (below). If you have two children of the same sex, please continue reading.

You have 13 pins about how to announce a new baby, they all rely heavily on the third baby being not the same as your first two. You know a gathering won’t fly and think maybe waiting until after the first trimester is over would be best.

Your close friends are probably happy for you. Everyone else murmurs something about “knowing what causes that” when they hear the news. Shrug it off! There is still good advice to be had, like:

  • I read on the Internet that you can choose the sex of your baby, even after conception…
  • Are you going to find out early what the sex of the baby is so that you won’t be disappointed at the birth?
  • Maternity clothes? Aren’t you still wearing them from last time?
  • I hear you can get a discount for multiple kids at such and such store.

Any Pregnancy Past Your Third

Forget pregnancy announcements, you are probably just trying to figure out how to keep the crabbiness to a minimum. You selectively tell only those who will be happy for you or who absolutely have to know, like your midwife or doctor. Some moms manage to hid their pregnancy until the third trimester, and don’t even make a formal announcement.

The advice, questions, and comments that you want to avoid the most include:

  • You can have your tubes tied after the baby is born.
  • You must be rich to afford all of those kids!
  • Did you become a member of <fill in the blank> religion?
  • Are you going for your own basketball team?
  • How will you all fit in one car?
  • Your partner can get a vasectomy now. Why wait?

No matter what number baby this is for you – congratulations!

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