The Girls' Q and A Book on Friendship -- A Review

Book offers advice on dealing with girl drama

Helping middle school girls make the most of their friendships.

Ask a tweenage girl what's the hardest part about growing up and she might just say it's dealing with her friends or her social circle. While friendships during the tween years begin to take priority in a child's life, they also become challenging -- particularly among girls. Drama, frenemies, jealousy, and numerous other problems can leave middle school girls feeling alone, isolated, and even at the best of times, confused.


If you have a daughter whose trying to navigate through the middle school years, you might want to check out Annie Fox's helpful book, The Girls' Q&A Book on Friendship. Fox, an author of numerous books geared toward the middle school and teenage crowd, expertly offers up wisdom and advice to girls who are trying to navigate through tricky relationships, bffs, and socially challenging moments. 

Presented in a tween-friendly format, the book presents 50 common friendship problems (posed as questions) that just about all girls face at one time or another: I want friends but I'm shy; This new girl is stealing by bff; I am jealous of my beautiful friend; How do I get out of a fight?, etc. Fox covers just about every social sticky situations from oversensitive friends, to hurt feelings, and more. Then Fox answers the problem in an understanding, nonjudgemental and helpful way. Advice is presented so that girls know they have choices and can handle their conflicts, and feel good about doing the right thing, even if it's hard.

Occasional "friendship" quizzes are sprinkled throughout the book, asking girls their thoughts on how they would handle tricky situations, such as an angry best friend; a jealous friend; and of course, peer pressure. Multiple choice answers are then critiqued so the reader knows what action is probably the best in any given situation.

The quizzes make it fun for girls to think about their challenges from all sides, and to see how their choices influence the end result.

One of the cutest features of the book is friendship advice offered up by real life older girls. Short vignettes written by girls share thoughts, musings and advice and get readers thinking about what friendship is all about. " Best friends get things wrong, but they will fix them. Fake friends pretend nothing happened." -- Jazmine, 14.

While the book is clearly written for girls, it would also be a helpful resource to parents and counselors looking to help young girls find positive ways to face their friendships difficulties. Fox's sensible and mature approach to problem solving would benefit any adult whose not quite sure how to advise a young girl in today's society. 

The Girls' Q&A Book on Friendship
By Annie Fox, M.Ed., illustrated by Erica De Chavez
Published by Electric Eggplant,

About Annie Fox: Annie Fox is the author of numerous books geared to tweens and middle schoolers, including the Middle School Confidential series, The Teen Survival Guide to Dating and Relating, Teaching Kids to Be Good People, and Too Stressed to Think: A Teen Guide to Staying Sane When Life Makes You Crazy. She's also an online adviser to girls around the world. Learn more about the author and her books at, or find her on Twitter at @Annie_Fox.

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