The Guide To Back To School Shopping

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Do you have everything you need?. Yin Yang

630.36.  That is how much the average American will spend on back-to-school shopping during the fall of 2015 according to data from the National Retail Foundation.  Smart shoppers can lower the amount they spend on back-to-school with a little bit of planning and strategizing in their purchases.

You can start with the school supply list provided by your child's school.  That can lead to some pitfalls.

 Read this article to find out What School Supplies You Really Need.  

Once you have a better idea of what you really need, you will ned to figure out the best time to get the best sales prices.  One place to find information about what goes on sale when is this article on Getting the Best Back To School Deals.

Then, it is deciding where to go to find the best sales prices on back to school supplies.  Find out if a big box retailer, online store or some other option is right for you at Where To Shop For Back To School.

Electronics and Tech equipment is pricey and some of the most expensive purchases per item that you will make per item for k-12 students..  It has shopping strategy all of its own.  The price differences for the exact  same device can easily vary as much as 50%.  Find out where to shop for Back To School Electronics and Tech by following the link just given.

Of course, why pay for something when you can get it for free?

 Even better yet, by following the strategy outlined in this article, you can save yourself money, help your friends and neighbors save money, keep usable school items and clothing from being thrown away, and finish out by supporting children at your child's school or a local charity?  Sound too good to be true?

 It isn't, it's just Hosting a School Supply Swap.  If you don't think you are up to hosting a swap yoruself, suggest it to your school's PTA/PTO.

After doing all of the above, you went out and got the best deals on clothing, books, binder, electronics, paper and pencils.  You think you are finished, or you know how you can get the right items that surprise you after the first day of school.

You really aren't quite done yet.  You still have to set up the homework corner. Often that means making more purchases to create a comfortable and organized space that will actually lead to your child doing their homework and getting it turned in.  Now it is time to read about How to Save on Creating A Homework Corner (or nook, or desk, or whatever.)

After all of this, you should have the supplies, clothing and furnishings that a parent needs to supply to make sure that your child has the tools and space they need to learn this year.  Now you can focus on other back-to-school topics.

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