The Hottest Tech Gifts for Teens


Teen Gift Ideas

It's hard to get comfortable while you're holding a tablet and most tablet stands don't allow you to position the tablet at the angle you want. But the Flipy solves that problem. Made from foam, with an ultra-suede cover, the flipy is soft enough to help you get comfortable while sturdy enough to hold your tablet safely.

This pillow for your tablet can be rotated to accomodate your viewing angle. Want to change from reading at the table to reading on your lap? Simply rotate the triangular-shaped Flipy to a different angle. And it doesn't just have to be used with tablets. It can be used to read a book or a magazine as well.

Livescribe 3 Smartpen


The Livescribe 3 smartpen will make notetaking feel more like fun than work. When teens write with the smartpen, their work is automatically synced to an iPhone or iPad. Handwriting converts to digital text in real time, making entire notebooks searchable. It looks and feels like a fountain pen but it holds the intelligence of a mobile device.


Teen Gift Idea

Bandolier transforms a mobile device into a piece of wearable technology. Bandolier can hold not just a cell phone, but also a teen's driver's license or cash. It can keep your teen's phone protected while reducing the chances that she'll set her phone down and forget it. 

PowerSkin PoP'n

Teen Gift Idea

PowerSkin PoP’n is one of the world’s first Apple-Certified iPhone 5 external charging solutions. It's an attachable external battery that sticks into existing cases.

Quickly and securely attach PoP'n to your smartphone, even over your existing case, and your phone will receive a strong boost of power. This slim, light-weight charger makes a great gift for a teen who is always on the run.

LuMee Case

Teen Gift Ideas

The LuMee phone case just might be a dream gift for many teens. It's designed with LED lights that surround the front of the phone and can be used to illuminate selfies and FaceTime sessions. The case doubles as a flashlight and has a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

The LuMee case is available in 5 colors for the iPhone 5/5s and is available for pre-order for the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5. 

WeGo Activity Trackers

Teen Gift Guide

WeGo activity trackers will help support your teen in a creating a healthy lifestyle. WeGo offers affordable products ranging from clip-on trackers to adjustable wristbands. These devices can track sleep quality and activities around the clock.

WeGo can help your teen track fitness goals - like how many steps were taken per day, as well as how many calories were consumed. The WeGo is a great way for everyone in the family to become more health conscious.

ENERGI+ Backpack

Teen Gift Ideas

The ENERGI+ Backpack will keep your teen's mobile devices fully charged throughout the day. It can charge three devices simultaneously and increase battery life up to 700% (up to 4 full smartphone charges). The backpack also features seven specialized compartments for keeping books, writing utensils and gadgets organized.

Waterproof Phone Case

Teen Gift Ideas

Sports a+ offers waterproof cases to protect any kind of cell phone, camera or mp3 player (with a screen size up to 5.3"). These cases protect electronics from water, snow, sand, grease, mud, and dust. It makes a great gift for active teens who participate in outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, or fishing. 

The case is made from durable but soft PVC. While sealing the phone from the elements, it still allows for full functionality of the phone - including texting and taking pictures.It retails for only $12.99, making it an affordable gift that could save hundreds of dollars in phone repair or replacement fees.

Ultimate Ears Boom

Speakers for Teen Gifts
Ultimate Ears

The Ultimate Ears BOOM mobile speaker is the ultimate teenage party accessory. The wireless UE BOOM blasts bold 360-degree sound and features a water-and-stain-resistant acoustic skin, making it safe for an outdoor pool party. The UE BOOM also has a 15-hour battery life and it's available in a variety of colors.

NEET Cable Keeper

Teen Gift Idea

Most teens have multiple electronic devices with lots of cords everywhere. The NEET Cable Keeper will keep your entire family's cords organized and protected. Made from a vibrant colored sleeve, it will keep your teen's computer cords, phone charger, and other cords protected while also preventing tangles. 

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