How to Make a Comb and Wax Paper Kazoo

Music education doesn't have to be expensive

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Parents and teachers can introduce gifted children to music with a comb and wax paper kazoo rather than a complicated instrument.

According to Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle, "If you look deep enough, you will see music; the heart of nature being everywhere music."

Music is everywhere. It connects us to each other and to everything in the world. It transcends differences in beliefs and, to a degree, in cultures.

It speaks to our souls. It allows us to express ourselves in ways that words can't.

Because of this, children need to learn about music--not the theory of music or even music lessons but the sheer love of the art form. And believe it or not, children can learn about music with something as simple as a kazoo. No lessons or instruments needed. The child doesn't even need a lot of talent!

Buy a Kazoo

Kazoos are inexpensive. You can get a simple plastic kazoo for under $2. You can also get a "trombone kazoo" that adds a nice sliding touch to the usual sound of a kazoo or buy a bagful of kazoos so the whole family has one. You can also buy kazoos for all the kids in the neighborhood.

Kazoobie Kazoos has a wide selection of kazoos, including electric kazoos!

Make a Comb Kazoo

You don't have to buy a Kazoo to have fun with one. They are incredibly cheap and easy to make. All you need to make a simple kazoo is a comb and some wax paper.

Just place the wax paper over the comb, put your lips over the wax paper and hum away. 

You can make other kinds of kazoos, too. Some kazoos are made from foil or toilet paper tubes. They're more like a traditional kazoo. has some excellent instructions for making a toilet paper tube kazoo.

Play the Kazoo

Do your kids have favorite music? Do they have favorite singers? If so, let them play their kazoos along with the music. But there is even more you can do with kazoos. Ask your child to "hum" a tune that expresses sadness with the kazoo. Then ask the child to hum something that expresses joy. Children can use a melody they are familiar with and alter it to express the different moods, or they can attempt to compose their own tune to express their feelings.

The beauty of working with the kazoo is that your child does not need to have to learn to play a musical instrument to understand how music can express the contents of one's soul. If your children enjoy expressing themselves through music, then it's time to explore music lessons.

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