The Kettlebell Commandments


The Kettlebell Commandments

You are ready to get in the best shape of your life and you may have heard that kettlebell training is one of the most effective ways to tone and strengthen your body. But before you pick up your first kettlebell, there are some good rules to keep in mind, to assure safe and productive results.

Instead of only the usual list of things “You Shall Not” do, these kettlebell commandments also include important things that “You Shall” do.

You Shall NOT​

  1. You shall not check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media, nor shall you text or surf the internet or watch television while lifting kettlebells; stay engaged in your work

  2. You shall not train with kettlebells in a cluttered area. Have clear, open space; safety first
  3. You shall not exercise with kettlebells on a slippery surface or on a surface you would not want damaged
  4. You shall not do too much too soon, lift too heavy or do too many repetitions too soon. Monitor your workload volume and pay attention to how your body responds; progress intelligently
  5. You shall never hold your breath or otherwise strain while lifting kettlebells
  6. You shall not save any errant reps; let a bad rep fall to the ground rather than try to save it and risk injuring yourself with an out of control kettlebell
  7. You shall not perform “partial reps”; achieve full range of motion in every rep and every exercise 
  1. You shall not train with kettlebell exclusively. While they are a great center piece for your exercise programs, try mixing in other activities you enjoy, such as running, stretching or playing sports
  2. You shall not commence lifting kettlebell without first warming up the body to prepare the muscles and joints for action
  1. You shall not skip your cool-down or stretching after you finish with the kettlebell session

You Shall 

  1. You shall encourage yourself with positive self-concept and self-dialogue; believe, conceive, achieve
  2. You shall be consistent in your practice, committing to a minimum of 3 days per week 
  3. You shall focus your mind to concentrate while training with kettlebells
  4. You shall prioritize correct alignment, posture and breathing (good form) before progressing in load or repetitions; think quality over quantity; keep a firm, flat back and tight core (midsection) throughout all exercises
  5. You shall always thoroughly warmup before lifting kettlebells
  6. You shall follow a sensible nutrition plan
  7. You shall not eat immediately before kettlebell training, rather allow some time for proper digestion
  8. You shall maintain an up-to-date journal to monitor your progress
  9. You shall give yourself at least one full day of rest each week, a Sabbath if you will, to let your body recover
  10. You shall make a point to get a full night of quality sleep, to allow your body full recovery between kettlebell training sessions

    Remember, that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. Familiarize yourself with the Shalls and Shall Nots of kettlebell training to set the foundation for success!

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