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A look at some key news and articles related to thyroid disease, from Summer 2014.

Media Opportunities

Louisiana Patients: If you're in Louisiana, here's a wonderful opportunity to help spread awareness!! An award-winning documentary producer is looking to interview thyroid patients for her a new film project -- "Sick to Death!" -- a groundbreaking documentary project about thyroid disease and thyroid disorders.

She wants to interview patients to help portray what it’s like for you living with thyroid disease, and the current medical practices as you’ve experienced them. Interviews will require an approximately one-hour time commitment and will take place on August 21, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. If you are interested in participating please email with the words, “I want to be interviewed” in the subject line, and they will follow up with you directly.

Women Who Lost Weight With Walking/Strength Training: If you are a woman who has struggled with thyroid issues and excess weight, and regained your health and slimmed down by using walking/strength training as one tool in your journey, a major national women's magazine is interested in speaking with you for an upcoming cover story. If you're interested, please contact me by email at with "Media Opportunity" in the subject, and please include your name, email address, phone number, location, age, and a sentence or two (or more if you want!) about your story.

I will then forward to the magazine, who may get in touch with you to do a story. THANK YOU!

Patient Checklist

Huffington Post has a great article from Dr. Starla Fitch, "Patient Checklist: 10 Ways To Make The Most Of Every Visit," which has some excellent tips for thyroid patients and anyone going to a doctor's visit.
Need more information? Read Are You an Empowered Patient?

Probiotics: The Good Bacteria With Health Benefits

Helpful piece from the Holtorf Medical Group blog, looks at some of the latest news regarding probiotics -- the "good" bacteria -- and how they may help autoimmune health, among other issues. Read the article now.

Restoring Thyroid Hormones in Heart May Prevent Heart Disease from Diabetes

A new animal study finds that low thyroid hormone levels in cardiac tissue of diabetic individuals may be the major cause of their associated heart disease. Read more now.

Traveling Tips for Thyroid Patients

Whether you're going by car, plane, bus, train or ship, millions of us regularly travel for holidays, vacations, and business trips. Thyroid patients may not realize, but there are some things to plan ahead for when traveling. Here are some pointers to help make your trip safe and healthy.

The Best Clinical Guidelines Money Can Buy: A Look at Guidelines Bias and Thyroid Treatment

Are the clinical guidelines for thyroid care -- the guidelines that may drive how your doctor diagnoses and treats you, or what your insurer or HMO will cover -- created in an unbiased way that serves patients?
Take a look in this article.

Test Increases Odds of Correct Surgery for Thyroid Cancer Patients.

The routine use of a molecular testing panel can greatly increase the likelihood of performing the correct initial surgery for patients with thyroid nodules and cancer, according to researcher. Read more now.

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

You can read Dr. David Borenstein's article, "Understanding Low Dose Naltrexone / LDN for Autoimmune Disease" is in the August issue of the LDN Research Trust's August 2014 newsletter. A great read if you want to learn more about LDN treatment for autoimmunity. You can download the PDF file here. Note: See page 2 of the newsletter for the article. For more information on Dr. Borenstein, see my interview with this NYC-based integrative physician.

Scientists Seek Answers with Space Station Thyroid Cancer Study

Up at the International Space Station, scientists are making use of the microgravity environment aboard the space station to seek answers to questions about the nature of thyroid cancer cells. Read more now.

Six Things You Should Do Every Time You Get a Prescription Filled

Life is hectic, and often, when you stop by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, you probably pay the bill, and are out the door without a second thought. Or, you may be ordering your prescription drugs from a mail-order or online pharmacy. Many patients don't realize that there is a double checking process that you should go through every time you receive a handwritten or printed prescription from your physician, every time you get a new prescription filled, and every time you pick up a refill at the pharmacy or receive a refill by mail.

Could a Renegade Doctor Save Your Life?

The Telegraph in London takes a look at "renegade" doctors -- we patients call them "good" doctors! -- who are treating thyroid patients. Read the article now.

Akrimax Tirosint Study

Looks like drug-maker Arkimax is going to study their Tirosint levothyroxine (liquid in capsules) in patients who don't get sufficient control/response to levothyroxine in pill form. Learn more now.

Few People with High Cholesterol Get Recommended Thyroid Screening

-Despite current guidelines that recommend newly diagnosed high-cholesterol patients have a TSH blood test done to make sure they do not have hypothyroidism, researchers have found that only about half of these patients were screened for thyroid dysfunction. Learn more now.

Help! I'm a Thyroid Patient Who Can't Lose Weight!

I regularly receive emails, Tweets, and Facebook posts/messages from thyroid patients who have the same frustrating concern: "I'm a thyroid patient on thyroid hormone replacement medication, and my doctor says I'm fine, but I just can not lose weight. What can I do?" It can be difficult -- or seem downright impossible at times -- to lose weight when you're hypothyroid. But it is possible. Here are some important first steps to take.

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