The Link between Hepatitis and HIV

Hepatitis and HIV
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Hepatitis is regarded as the decisive manifestation of an inflamed liver. This unhealthy condition is commonly caused by certain virus that affects the function and work of the liver. The most common hepatitis usually experienced by people is hepatitis A (HAV) along with hepatitis B (HBV), and hepatitis C (HCV). HCV as well as HBV are common to those who are at risks or exposed to HIV. These viruses are transmitted from one person to another similar to the transmission processes of HIV.

When you are infected with viral hepatitis and HIV, you need to seek assistance from health and medical professionals as soon as possible.

The viral hepatitis that you may be experiencing immediately progresses as it causes unhealthy liver issues specifically to people who have HIV. You may try to undergo drug therapy for an extended life expectancy, especially if you’re exposed to both HIV and hepatitis viruses, but you need exercise caution and assurance that you are properly guided and supported by medical and health professionals for getting rid of the harsh effects of these viruses.

A Quick Glimpse at the Relationship of HIV and Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a short term liver ailment but also a contagious one. This results from the infection of the HAVB with common symptoms such as fever, nausea, jaundice, and fatigue.  HAV is usually spread from one person to another, similar to how HIV viruses spread.

 This can be through the ingestion of the virus via food, drink and other objects that have been contaminated with the feces of the person who has AIDS and Hepatitis A. You may try to undergo healthy and appropriate vaccines in order to get rid of the harsh effects of HAV infection.

Knowing Hepatitis B In Relation to HIV

Hepatitis B is also regarded to be a contagious disease, ranging from mild to serious and lifelong illness. It results from severe infection with HBV viruses. You can have your HBV even without experiencing its symptoms. Immune systems exposed to this type of infection can foster liver failure, resulting to liver diseases such as hepatic cancer. This is because HBV viruses are the leading cause of the different chronic liver illnesses and diseases.

Hepatitis B is also similar in relation to HIV viruses, since the transmissions of the virus that might affect your liver and other organs are almost the same. If you’re infected with both the HBV and HIV viruses, you need to seek assistance from health care providers in order to determine if you need to undergo immunization processes against the harmful viruses. Individuals predisposed to hepatitis can also achieve a healthier lifestyle by preventing too much alcohol intake since this may cause additional damages to the liver. You may also take some prescription pills and even supplements, provided that these are all advised by your doctor to prevent liver diseases and AIDS.

Can Hepatitis C Be Associated with HIV?

Hepatitis C is another contagious type of liver disease that ranges though mild, severe and lifelong illness that usually raids the liver. It results from the infection of the HCV virus in the body. HCV is regarded as a severe infection that is associated with the HIV virus. People infected with these HCV viruses are also infected with HIV viruses. Both the HIV viruses as well as the HCV virus are commonly transmitted via blood contact to people who are already inclined to get HCV disease. This is through sharing syringes, contaminated needles, and all other equipment that the infected person is usually using. This can even be transmitted through sexual contact as an upshot of AIDS.

If you are already infected with HIV and HCV viruses, always remember to pursue assistance from medical and health professionals before taking the appropriate medicine that could lessen your sufferings. You need to reduce risks of transmitting hepatitis and HIV infections of viruses as early as possible to ensure that your life will be free from the ghoulish effects of this condition. This is very essential in order to practice a healthy life that’s free from these HCV and HIV viruses, thereby providing a healthy and strong body.

Protecting Your Life from Hepatitis and HIV Viruses

The best ways to prevent any types of hepatitis viruses, as well as HIV, is to immediately get vaccinated. There are different types of vaccines that you may try in order to prevent infection. You may also try some unhealthy treatments and supplements as well as over-the-counter drugs, provided that these are all recommended by your doctor for you to take. This is very essential towards getting hold of a healthy lifestyle, free from the unforgiving consequences of liver infections. This is also one way of preventing AIDS to exist in your life. That is why the hepatitis sufferer should possibly spare time early on to determine how hepatitis viruses and HIV are related with each other. This is very important towards fighting against the detrimental effects that hepatitis and HIV viruses might beget in your life.


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