The Link Between March Madness and ?? (You'll Never Guess)

The Phenomenon of Vas Madness

March Madness. Photo © 2015 Dawn Stacey

With the start of NCAA March Madness basketball games, it seems that many men out there will be sitting back and watching the basketball games with their wife's blessing. Why, you may ask? Well, it appears that doctors throughout the US have been using the March Madness tournament as a selling point for... yep, you'll never guess... vasectomies!

Yep, among the world of sports, a new weird and strange phenomenon has been created: Vas Madness.

Back in 2008, an Oregon-based clinic was the first to advertise its "Snip City" March Madness event. Vas Madness has since caught on trying to encourage men to time their vasectomies around the basketball tournament -- this way, they can use their recovery time as a reason to lay on the couch and watch sports.

After doing some of my own research, it has become evident that many urologists are taking full advantage of theVas Madness phenomenon. Crazy as it sounds, many clinics are now offering vasectomy discounts, provide "recovery kits" that may include a copy of Sports Illustrated, and some even provide their vasectomy patients with a free pizza to enjoy during a game. Urologists are extending office hours during the basketball tournament as well as offering T-shirts, sports memorabilia and even ice bags with team logos (to replace the traditional bag of frozen veggies).

Using advertisements such as, "Want to watch college basketball guilt-free?" and "It's Hip to Get Snipped,"  doctors are trying to capitalize on this phenomenon.

Some Vas Madness promotions go as far as to include continuous television coverage in the doctor's lobby, free snacks, a promise that the patient will be "ready for love" by the postseason and the best part... official doctor's orders prescribing three-four days of rest, on the sofa of course. Doctors report, on average, a 50% increase of vasectomies this time a year.

So if you've been thinking about getting a vasectomy, give your doctor a call -- you never know, his/her office may have extra openings this time of year!

Now remember, having a free ride to watch the basketball games is not a reason to have a vasectomy. This is a permanent birth control method, so you should really think through this decision. Other than condoms, vasectomies are currently the only method of contraception available to men. 

In reality, the thought of getting a vasectomy may be off-putting to some men. It seems that many men may feel a bit uneasy about having a doctor tinker with their "manhood." Unfortunately, there are many myths about this procedure that may add to men’s fears and make you men a bit more hesitant about choosing a vasectomy.

Did you know that vasectomies are safer and more cost-effective than tubal ligations, yet in the United States, more than two times as many women choose to have their tubes tied? It seems that many of you men may feel somewhat apprehensive about having a doctor, with a scalpel in hand, come anywhere close to their “nether regions.” Also, numerous men mistakenly believe that vasectomies will lower their sex drive.

The good news... you can now opt for a no scalpel vasectomy. It lowers some of the risks involved with having a traditional vasectomy, so perhaps this procedure may alleviate some of your fears. The no scalpel vasectomy technique began in the 1970s in China and has been steadily becoming more popular in the US. It eliminates the need for incisions. Compared with traditional vasectomy techniques, the no scalpel vasectomy results in less bleeding and requires less time to perform. Right now, the traditional incision method is still used more often. But this may change as more doctors learn how to perform the no scalpel approach and more men start requesting this procedure.

As far as your sex drive goes… because nothing physiologically changes within a man’s body after a vasectomy, your sex drive is not affected. Testosterone continues to be manufactured in the testicles and adrenal glands, so your masculinity is not affected either.

So if you are sure that you either don’t want to have any more children (or any children at all), a vasectomy may be the way to go. And with plenty of good basketball to watch as you recover, March Madness may be the perfect time for you to finally make that appointment with your doctor (your doctor may even be offering a Vas Madness promotion)!

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