The Miracle Blanket

The Miracle Blanket
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The Bottom Line

Swaddling is an age old concept thought to help promote sleep in babies. Swaddling is often problematic because of poor skills when it comes to wrapping the blanket. This blanket helps prevent the blanket malfunctions and parental mistakes common to most regular blankets. The soft, easily washable material really helps the blanket keep well for baby, while comforting the baby easily.

There are also no worrisome snaps, Velcro or other attachments to potentially harm your baby.


  • Soft material for baby's skin.
  • Machine washable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Available in multiple colors.


  • You're only supposed to use it for four months.


  • Easy way to swaddle your baby for their comfort and your peace of mind.
  • Comfort to the touch for your baby using very soft, cotton.
  • An easy way to help position your baby for breastfeeding, to prevent flailing while nursing.
  • Increases the ability of your newborn baby to soothe and sleep.
  • Can reduce the amount of time your baby spends crying.
  • May reduce colic symptoms in your newborn baby.
  • Unlike regular blankets, it is "escape proof" so that your baby cannot wiggle free.
  • There is a built in lateral band to apply slight pressure to the stomach to help with gas and colic.

Guide Review - The Miracle Blanket

The idea behind the Miracle Blanket is that it can help you easily and effectively swaddle your newborn.

Swaddling helps calm your baby during the first four months of life. This can result in less crying from both the baby and the parents.  This is why swaddling blankets in general and this one in particular are popular baby shower presents. Keeping your baby calm is the ticket to keeping the parents calm, cool, and collected.

It certainly makes easing into parenting much easier when the baby is quiet.

The problem is many baby blankets just don't work well. Unlike using a regular blanket from your baby's nursery, the Miracle blanket is designed to help hold your baby's limbs close to their body, like they were in the uterus, rather than allowing them to flail around. This lack of control can cause a feeling of stress and discomfort.

Since the regular blanket purchased for your baby is usually a plain square or rectangle, they are not designed to really hold your baby's limbs close to their body. This means that if the parent can remember the tricky maneuvers to help a regular blanket work, a couple of movements from baby bring the regular blanket undone. The Miracle Blanket is designed to hold the arms and feet separately and pull them close to the body. This provides an easy method of swaddling a baby.

The good news about the Miracle Blanket is that unlike other blankets is that it doesn't use any fasteners like Velcro to attach the blanket together. This makes the Miracle Blanket the safest choice for a swaddling blanket. The pouches for the limbs are also adjustable to help grow as your baby grows. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a product that works and your baby outgrows it.

The Miracle Blanket is well constructed. It is also easily washed for those frequent newborn washes. This was important because my kids love to soil blankets. I actually had two. The Miracle Blanket comes in unbleached cotton and multiple colors of cotton.

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