The Name Addison

Formerly a boys' name, Addison has grown in popularity as a girls' name.

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Addison used to be primarily a boys' name. However, with the rising trend of using boy names for girls, Addison is much more popular as a girl's name in the U.S. than a boy's name. According to the Social Security Administration's annual rankings of baby names, Addison has yet to crack the top 10 among girls. The closest she got was in 2007 and again in 2010, when she hit No. 11. As the name picked up steam on the girls' side of the charts, it further dropped on the boys' side.

The name Addison comes from the English last name which means "son of Adam." The name also has Scottish roots: "son of Addie," with Addie being a nickname for Adam.

Addison May Owe Her Popularity to a TV Show

So how did this former boys' name become one that more and more parents are choosing for their baby girls? One theory is that it's a variant on the exceptionally popular name Madison, which broke into the top 50 in 1995, and has been a top ten name since 2000.

But it's worth noting that Addison started taking on a life of her own after a character with the name was introduced on the highly popular show . Played by actress Kate Walsh, Addison Montgomery was the ex-wife of the show's central character Dr. Derek Shepard, who was involved with intern Meredith Grey. Nothing like a love triangle to boost a name's popularity.  In 2007, a spinoff show for Addison debuted, titled Private Practice, which happened to be the same year the name jumped into the top 20.

Alternate  Spellings and Nicknames for Addison

The name has several different spellings which make the name charts. They include Addison, Addyson, Addisyn, and Adyson (listed in order of popularity of spelling). Common nicknames include Addie and Addy.

Middle Names for Addison:

Because Addison can be thought of as a male or female name, you might want to consider a middle name that clearly indicates the gender.

Addison Rose, Addison Elizabeth or Addison Marie are good options.

What to Name Addison's Brother or Sister

It's such an unusual name that Addison may prove tricky to find a good sibling match. You could go the ultra-cute route and choose a name beginning with A, like Audrey or Amy for a girl; or Austin or Adam for a boy. Other ideas would be choosing other traditional last names for Addison's sibling; a sister might be Mackenzie, Taylor or Riley, and a brother could be Logan, Mason or Parker.

Celebrity Babies Named Addison:

  • Addison Lynne Posey (2011), daughter of Buster Posey
  • Addison Bay (2006), daughter of Jason Bay
  • Addison Grace Lillard (2002), daughter of Matthew Lillard

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