The New Mom: Gifts to Pamper

8 Presents Sure to Please

Whether it was 9 long (but certainly worth it) months of carrying her baby or if it was possibly an even longer wait for adoption, the new mother deserves a bit of pampering and affection when her baby finally arrives. How exactly can you indulge mom? Gifts can shower her with a little bit of personal attention.

Pretty Polishes for the Perfect Pedicure

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Pedicures for new moms. CarlinaShots / Getty Images

For the momma who hasn't been able to catch a glimpse of her toes for some time, an assortment on nail polishes and pedicure supplies would be a welcome gift. A do-it-herself foot pampering kit could include a foot basin filled with foot scrubs, energizing lotions, manicure tools, and a vibrant nail polish. For the mom who loves the spa, perhaps a gift certificate to a nearby nail salon accompanied with the promise to baby sit during the appointment.

Photographs, Frames, and other Film Fundamentals

Without a doubt, a very practical gift would be anything that helps mom capture time in a bottle. Gifts related to photography and scrapbooking would be quite fitting and have a varied price range to meet any budget. Here are several ideas that may inspire you:

  • Frames
  • A digital camera or video camcorder
  • A photo printer
  • Scrapbooking supplies
  • A gift certificate to a local photographer

Chic Shoulder Bags

Though diaper bags have their purpose, sometimes mom may want to feel as if her bag is an accessory that matches her personality rather than a means of hauling around diapers, burp clothes, and spare pacifiers. A large handbag that has several compartments can be used easily for quick jaunts about town and allows mom to carry both her baby's needs and her essentials all in one bag. Alternatively, you can find many high-end diaper bags that will make the new mom feel pampered. If cost is an issue, get the look of designer diaper bags for less.

Gems and Jewelry for Mom, Gifts that Dazzle

If you are looking for an item that can serve as an heirloom, consider purchasing a special piece of jewelry. Pendants, rings, bracelets, and broaches can show her how she is appreciated. You could select jewelry adorned with the baby's birthstone or select a piece of jewelry that fits the mother's own style.

Grab and Go Snack Baskets

In the early weeks of carrying for the demanding needs of a newborn, it is no surprise that sometimes mom neglects to take care of herself. A grab and go snack basket provides easy ways for mom to re-energize throughout the day. Baskets stashed with fruit, munchie snacks, a special "mom" mug, and a few sweets will provide mom with nourishment and perhaps a little bit of indulgence. Considering that she may have monitored her diet closely, that dark chocolate might taste sweeter than anything else!

Journals for Generations

Though it may seem a simple gift, a blank journal will become a memorable keepsake. Mom can have a place to record funny anecdotes, memorable milestones, and the reality of parenting. Time passes quickly with a new baby, and sometimes special moments are missed. A journal offers a special place to paint the picture of those moments in her own words. In this way, her personal recollections will ever be forgotten. Journals can be handed down throughout the generations and serve the purpose of being a family time capsule as well.

Bookworms and Magazine Junkies

For mammas who always love a good read, be it from the latest novel or a new glossy magazine, consider a gift that addresses their passion for reading. Whether it be the latest top seller, a juicy romance, or a subscription to a magazine, you can find the perfect reading material for the new mom. You could consider books and magazine that focus on parenting issues, or novels or special interest magazines that provide mom a bit of escape from it all.

Take-Out Temptations

Figure out which take-out restaurant is a favorite of the new mother and purchase a gift certificate for her. Meal planning and preparation might be overwhelming as she balances life with a newborn, and a gift certificate to a restaurant eases that burden. She may opt to dine-in, but it may be best to select a restaurant that offers take-out. Let her decide when she is ready for an adventure out.

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