The Ongoing Problem of Hepatitis C

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Hepatitis C
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The Ongoing Problem of Hepatitis C

There are many common health problems that affect human beings today. One of these diseases is hepatitis C. This is an illness that is caused by viruses infecting a person’s liver. When your liver is attacked by viruses, unfortunately liver failure and cancer are more likely to occur. It is very important to be mindful of your health. Be knowledgeable of how you can avoid and solve health conditions such as hepatitis C.

When Do People Acquire Hepatitis C?

Many people who have hepatitis do not even know that they have it. It takes many years before you get the disease. There are some instances where people may acquire hepatitis and be easily cured. However, there are people who acquire the disease and it only becomes worse. This results in hepatitis C.

Because of a lack of awareness some people have, they acquire the disease. This may be caused by viruses and alcohol intake. It may be transferred to an individual through the blood or any items that are virus- infected.

One of the root culprits of hepatitis is the sharing of needles. In surgery or other medications, there are times that needles are used for injections to people with hepatitis. If the needles used for an infected person aren’t properly sterilized afterwards, and used on another person, the latter will get the disease because of the cross-contamination.

Blood donation is also another method of cross-contamination.

Tattoos or piercings also results to blood contamination. The needle that’s used on a person who has hepatitis and then expended on another person without being properly cleaned creates a high likelihood of blood contamination. This is why it’s very important to clean all tools before using them again.

This is to avoid contamination of any disease from the previous individual.

Another reason why an individual may acquire hepatitis C is through organ transplants. Transplants are very customary today. There is a tendency of acquiring the disease if the donor was infected with the disease. In order to avoid that, it’s essential to screen the donors before undertaking the transplant. This will make the receiver safe from potential diseases.

Moreover, sharing personal items, including tooth brushes, nail clippers, razors and scissors, can spread the infection. Another reason would be engaging in sexual activity with several others concurrently.

Situations that Don’t Contaminate Hepatitis C

There are situations and instances that a person cannot transfer the virus. This is through hugging, kissing, sharing drinks or foods, sneezing and coughing. All of the aforementioned cannot infect a person with hepatitis C. This is because the virus dwells mostly in the liver. It is not a virus that immediately spreads out in the body of another individual if there is unsafe contact.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C isn’t diagnosed swiftly. Often it will take time and years before a person knows that he or she has the disease. Usually, you cannot diagnose it for fifteen years. However, there are symptoms that are associated by hepatitis. One symptom is feeling tired all the time. If you observe that you easily get tired, it is better to consult a doctor. Another is the dark urine. Usually this is the common symptom that is observed. Others include yellow skin and eyes, pain of the belly and joint, itchy skin and sore muscles.

If you observed that something is wrong with your body and condition, it is very important to visit a doctor and ask for a diagnosis. Health is very important. You cannot be ignorant if you feel something negative in your body. Health problems can only be solved if you are aware of them and follow through with both personal and professional action.

How Do You Avoid Hepatitis C?

If you are diagnosed with hepatitis C, there is a need to undergo a blood test. There is also an analysis procedure called liver biopsy. This is an evaluation where a doctor finds out if the virus has scarred in your liver. During this assessment, your doctor will get a sample of your liver tissue and eye it under the microscope.

If you are looking for the best medication and ways to divert such liver problems, what’s important is to be aware of them and properly care for yourself. Healthy and balanced foods are very important to eat when it comes to hepatitis C. Also, supplement these foods with enough exercise and a proper lifestyle.


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