The Painful Truth by Lynn R. Webster, M.D.

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The Painful Truth book cover.
The Painful Truth book cover. Lynn Webster

The Painful Truth Book Review

The Painful Truth, by Utah pain medicine doctor Lynn Webster, MD is an easy ​but heartfelt read. The book is meant for anyone who is touched by pain, whether their own or someone else’s: Patients, caregivers, practitioners, lawmakers and others. 

This handbook on 21st century pain management is told in stories. any of the stories paint pictures of archetypical pain patients as they contend with their internal and external struggles to regain lost quality of life.

Others come from Webster’s clinic, giving his administrative and legal perspectives.  Caregiver stories are also told.

One of the things that most impresses me about this book is the completeness and factuality with which the issue of chronic pain management is told, and in particular, the way our society regards and handles people with insurmountable pain. Webster gives a clear, thorough history of opioid prescription for upstanding citizens who truly need relief. (He also talks about pill seekers, but he seems to be more familiar with and dedicated to people who are truly hurting - and who do what they can to avoid addiction.) 

Along with providing statistics on the number of raids and arrests made by the DEA, Webster comments on health insurance from both practical and political perspectives. He also sheds light on the predicament that these and related forces place on pain medicine providers saying, “People in pain are unwittingly stepping into controversy whenever they have an appointment with a physician and opioid prescription becomes a possibility.”

Webster has a 4-point program to get the problem under control.  While he firmly believes that some people really do need opioids, the first point in his plan is to use alternative therapies where appropriate.  (A big obstacle to this is that insurance companies don’t like to pay for this type of treatment, he asserts.) To learn about the other 3 points, and read the highly engaging stories of pain patients and those who partner with them, purchase the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

You can also watch the book trailer (1 minute, 45 seconds in length) here.

If you want your heart touched as you get in touch with the landscape of 21st century pain management, this book is for you.

The Painful Truth by Lynn Webster - Publication Information

The Painful Truth:
What Chronic Pain Is Really Like and Why It Matters to Each of Us
By: Lynn R. Webster, M.D.
Webster Media, LLC

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-9861407-0-9
Retail Price: $27.00 USA; $33.00 CAN
Publication Date: September 2015
Length: 246 pages

Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9861407-1-6
Retail Price: $16.99; USA $19.99 CAN
Publication Date: March 2016
Length: 246 pages

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