The Perfect Pushup Review

The Perfect Pushup Review

The Perfect Pushup
The Perfect Pushup. photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

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If you are in the market for a more effective push up, The Perfect Pushup bars do the trick nicely. Push ups are one of the simplest and most effective ways you can build upper body and core strength anywhere with no equipment, but using these simple handles increases the effectiveness of the basic push up two-fold.  

The Perfect Pushup Overview

While it may seem easy enough to get a great workout by doing old-fashioned military push ups on the floor, the Perfect Pushup bars with their smooth, rotating handles allow you to combine internal and external shoulder rotation during the push up exercise.

This added rotation targets the pecs as well as the shoulder girdle, which provides a nice mix of dynamic strength to the standard push up movement.

Variety of Exercises

If you buy the Perfect Pushup, you'll find a complete workout routine that centers around the bars. While this can offer a nice motivation for a while, over time it feels a bit limited and doing burpees while holding onto the bars feels a little forced. And after doing all the recommended push up variations (standard, wide grip, incline, narrow grip, declines) you'll quickly fatigue the few muscle groups doing all the work and be ready for something else.

Perfect Pushup Pros and Cons

The best thing about the Perfect Pushup? It's extremely effective for working the upper body and is more focused and intense than a basic push up exercise.

The only down side of this product may be the price. If spending $30 on a set of Perfect Pushup bars sounds reasonable to you, then they probably are worth it.

However, if you already have hundreds of dollars worth of specialized exercise equipment and fancy fitness gadgets sitting untouched for months, you may want to think hard about how much you'd actually use The Perfect Pushup before handing over your cash.

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