School Science Fair Project Ideas: The Planet Venus

Explore Venus at the Science Fair

Venus, artwork
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Venus is the Earth's closest planet neighbor in the solar system. It is an interesting topic to study for middle and high school students who need to create a fun and easy science fair project.

Why Is Venus an Interesting Planet?

Every planet in the solar system is unique and Venus is no exception. Use some of these interesting facts about Venus as the foundation for your science fair project.

  • The Earth and Venus are close to each other in size and mass, to the point that they are often called sister planets. Their atmospheres, however, are completely different,
  • A year on Venus is shorter than one of its days. It takes less time for Venus to go once around the Sun than it does to turn once around on its axis.
  • Venus is the only object (besides the moon) that we can see from Earth every evening and even during the day.
  • Venus turns on its axis in the opposite direction than every other planet in our solar system. If you were on the surface of Venus, the sun would rise in the west and set in the east.
  • The atmosphere of Venus is so thick that most large meteors do not reach the surface. That may explain the lack of craters on the planet's rocky surface.

Venus Science Fair Project Ideas

  1. Where is Venus in the solar system? Build a scale model of our solar system and demonstrate how Venus compares to other planets in size and distance from the sun.
  2. What are the features of Venus? Could they support some kind of life? Why or why not?
  3. What is Venus made of? Explain the minerals that make up the Core of Venus and it's thick atmosphere. Relate your findings to things found on Earth.
  1. How does Venus orbit the Sun? Explain the forces at work when the Venus orbits the sun. What keeps it in place? Is it moving further away?
  2. What does Venus look like? Study and share pictures that show the various features of the planet.
  3. What would a day look like if you were standing on Venus? Design an interactive display or video that shows people how Venus' sunrises and sunsets are different than Earth's.
  1. What did the Magellan mission reveal about Venus? NASA's mission to map Venus with radar began in 1989. Explain the most interesting discoveries about this mission.

Resources for a Venus Science Fair Project

There is a lot that can be learned about Venus and research is the best way to start any science project. Explore these resources and find the facts needed to complete your project.

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