The Power of Kettlebells

Kettlebells Around the World

United Colors of Kettlebell
different weights of kettlebells. Steve Cotter/IKFF

Of all the many benefits from kettlebell training, to me the greatest gift is the individual, personal journey and rewards that it can provide, and it can be the same but different for everyone.

There is the saying “strength in numbers”. While on some level there is a degree of strength that comes with additional mass, I would say that a more truthful way to look at it is that a community of strong INDIVIDUALS, working harmoniously and in cooperation, makes a strong community.

We can see this concept illustrated clearly in American football. A team with a few great athletes cannot win against a real TEAM of single-minded players who are cooperating. 

What does this have to do with kettlebells? Well, let me share with you my perspective.

A kettlebell is a simple tool. Nothing fancy or hi-tech. Just a simple tool. But with this tool, like any useful tool, there are techniques or ways of using it to extract the most benefit from that tool. In the process of learning about how to use the tool and how to improve with it, we have to study principles and laws of motion and be respectful to the law of gravity and other natural forces. We have to learn to get along to get the most use out of that tool. 

Here is where the Individual comes in. No one can do it for you, or for me. YOU have to do the work, do the training, do the learning. I have to do the same for my own growth and development, to progress.

In fitness, in sport, in life.

So the kettlebell itself is a powerful tool, used correctly to affect positive physical changes within the individual who chooses to take advantage of its gift. First the changes may appear only to be physical. However, the bigger picture is that there is not a separation of mind and body.

We are constantly learning things about ourselves and our own psychology as we learn about our own body using this simple tool. 

For me, kettlebells has always been so much more than something to become more fit from. That started it for me as it does for most people. You see the kettlebell and learn to lift and swing and throw it in different ways, as both a physical art and practice. 

For me personally it has opened up the entire world to me and for me. Kettlebells has been a simple tool which has enabled me to live my life and gain experiences necessary to live my passion. 

And far more important to me than how strong, or how fast or how much endurance, is the community. Made up of people. Individual people and lots of them, one at a time. Bringing these people together, individuals agreeing to work together and contribute to the whole for each’s own benefit. It’s very powerful and it is outside of any perceived differences. It reaches so far beyond nations or politics or even beliefs.

There is no difference between the lady from China or the boy from South Africa or the man from USA or any person in any place. 

We quickly find that there are no differences, not really important ones. Yes, we can be with different shades of eyes or hair or skin, and yes we will be different in height and weight and shape and in how each expresses himself and herself.

But we are working together, we are learning together, we are sweating together and we are struggling together. To make it all worthwhile, we all get better as the result and it can continue along, this path of progress, for as long as the desire and effort and determination is present. 

This is the power of the kettlebell. All people, all nations, all levels, all beliefs can come together with respect and improve within myself, yourself, himself and herself. 

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