The Price is Right Baby Shower Game

The Baby Shower Version

A tray of baby related items, including diapers.
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There are a lot of baby shower games out there that are based on television shows. This one is no different, it’s based on one of the many games from The Price is Right. This doesn’t take much effort, but it does require some time to prepare for the game before hand. This can be a lot of fun with a crowd, particularly those who are familiar with the television show. Since it has been on for a very long time, it will make it much easier for many generations to relate to the show and therefore your game.

What you will do is to gather five to ten items that are baby or postpartum related. You will have guests guess how much the items cost. The person with the most correct answers will win the game.

The first thing that you need to do is to decide if you are going to actually have the items on hand or simply use pictures to represent the items. The reason that I like to have the items on hand is to pass them around and let people see them. It also prevents arguments (Yes, people are that competitive over baby shower games and small prizes.), when people can see exactly how much a certain number of ounces looks like when discussing baby shampoo. Another reason to have the items is that when you’re done, you can add it together in a basket as a gift for the mother-to-be. For this reason, I always select items that most people don’t think about buying.

Decide if you will list all the prices in one list on the page and have guests write the name of an item next to the price or if you will show the guest two cards with the right and a wrong answer on them. The former is my preference as it makes the game slightly more difficult and competitive. This also means more laughs and being silly in my experience. For the purposes of this explanation, I’ll assume they have a list with all the prices listed, usually lowest to highest.

Start by giving each guest a piece of paper and something to write with. You will want to introduce each item. Show the photo or pass around the product so that all the guests can see the item. Have them write the name of the item next to what they think the item costs. Repeat this until all of the items have been passed around the guests. You can also give everyone a bit of time to look again at any of the items. In the end the one who wins has the most correct answers. This is a great way to spark discussion of ways to save money on baby items, brand preferences, etc.

Here are some examples of things to include in your bag of items:

  • baby lotion
  • baby thermometer
  • baby bath wash
  • baby wash cloths
  • baby towel
  • various baby toys
  • baby blanket

There really shouldn’t be a lot of big ticket items on the list. You will want to keep items fairly close in the same price range to increase the fun. This also makes the game a bit harder to guess. It is also important to save the receipt to show everyone in the end, how much all of these items really were, because you’ll have someone who swears you’re not telling the truth or got swindled!

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