The Step Diet

Tips for Successful Weightloss with a Pedometer

The Step Diet Book
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The Step Diet guides readers to increase their daily activity and decrease their food portions to achieve a new lifestyle that lets them lose weight and keep it off for life. It is easy to read and uses simple rules of thumb for its principles, as well as more detailed tables. The book comes with a step counting pedometer - simple and fairly accurate. Author James O. Hill, Ph.D. is a co-founder of the National Weight Control Registry and knows what methods work for long term weight loss.

The Step Diet Book - Description

  • Lose weight through increasing your daily pedometer steps.
  • Diet by reducing portions through simple rules of thumb.
  • Make small changes that you can stick to for life.
  • Learn from those who have had long term success at weight loss.
  • The book comes with a step counting pedometer.
  • This is an all-natural diet plan based on eating less and being more active, with no pills or supplements being marketed to you.
  • The diet plan doesn't rely on packaged foods. They aren't selling you a diet program, they are promoting a self-sustainable lifestyle. You can choose to use those if they work for you, but the program isn't based on them.

Expert Review - The Step Diet

Why are we fat? We are eating more and walking less. The Step Diet gives you the tools to reverse those habits. First, it provides forms to chart what you eat for seven days. Next, it guides you into increasing your daily steps by 2000, using the step counter pedometer included with the book.

Dr. Hill's research leads him to believe most people can stop gaining weight if they add 2000 more steps to their day.

Next, the Step Diet has the reader set a weightloss goal by converting at-rest daily calories burned plus activity calories burned into a "MegaSteps" daily goal. The goal is to burn more than 25% of your total energy expenditure through physical activity, as research has shown is done by those successful in losing weight and keeping it off.

Using the Step Diet, you increase your daily steps by increments of 500 each week for a 12-week weight loss period. There are also conversion charts for other physical activities.

To manage food intake, the book recommends a 75% rule - eat what you normally eat at first, but leave a quarter of it on your plate. If you go to a buffet, eat no portion larger than your fist. This simple method allows the reader to continue eating their favorite foods without causing hunger while reducing total calories. For those who want more detail, the book has tables that convert common foods into MegaStep values.

The book is full of wisdom and advice on how to eat better and be more active. The pedometer that comes with the book is an inexpensive model. You don't have to use it if you already wear a fitness band or another pedometer. Your usual pedometer or activity monitor will work just fine for counting and increasing your steps. The book will help you set daily activity goal that you can achieve and increase incrementally. If you've had difficulty being able to get in 10,000 steps per day. this incremental approach is a good way to progress.