The Tube Waistband - Review

Replace the Dreaded Fanny Pack

The Tube Wearable Waistband
The Tube Wearable Waistband. Wendy Bumgardner ©

The Tube Waistband is a continuous tube of stretchy Lycra with three pockets. It's a stylish accessory to carry your walking essentials securely. Beyond walking, it's great for gym workouts or for traveling. It fits snug against your hips, over or under clothing. It doesn't stick out or have buckles or straps like a fanny pack.

The Tube comes in four sizes - XS, S/M, M/L and L/XL to fit most people.

It is unisex and comes in 32 different color combinations.

The Tube is almost six inches wide. It has three pockets.

  • Side slash pocket with an opening 2.5 inches wide. This pocket stretches enough to hold many smartphones, or you can use it for a quick grab of an energy snack.
  • Zippered top-loading pocket with 5-inch zipper.
  • Zippered side-loading pocket with 5-inch zipper.

This pocket arrangement gives you many options for how to stash and access things. You can carry a passport, ID, cash, keys and electronics.

The Tube is made of Lycra and is machine washable.

Why to Wear The Tube Waistband

Now that our smart phones have replaced the iPod for music, camera for photos, and run the apps we use to track walking, running and workouts, it's more critical than ever to have a place to wear it securely. Yet they keep getting bigger and pockets may not keep up. With The Tube, you don't have a saggy pocket slapping your phone against your thigh with each step.

You won't be tempted to just stick your phone in your bra when you go for a walk. It may be an urban legend that it's bad for you, but I know from experience it can be bad for the phone. I had one get steamed up from my perspiration on the marathon and it wouldn't work when I needed it.

You can adjust where you wear the pockets and it looks good in any position.

You can arrange the pockets however you wish so the items don't get in the way of your arm motion or your moves in the gym. You don't have to leave your ID and keys in an insecure gym locker, you can wear them as you workout.

Besides wearing for workouts, The Tube is convenient for carrying essentials securely when traveling or going out in the evening. You can wear it stealthily under your clothing. I have a black one, and if I flip it over, having removed the tag, nobody can see the pockets to try to pick them. With the zippers, you may not be able to wear it through the airport scanner, but it will be useful for the rest of your trip. The Lycra fabric will wick away sweat.

A new trend for marathons and half marathons is to eliminate the gear check in the name of security. When that happens, runners and walkers need to ensure they are able to carry more items during the race. The flat profile of The Tube is preferable to wearing a fanny pack or backpack. A bonus is that The Tube is wide enough to pin your race number to.

Bottom Line on The Tube Waistband

Since I first bought a similar item, the FlipBelt, I am hooked on these wearable essential bands, especially for half marathons. It's the perfect way to have quick access to my phone and energy snacks without bulk or risk of chafing.

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