The Upside of Middle School

There's a lot to like about starting middle school

High angle view of teacher and students studying map at desk in classroom
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Starting middle school is a transition for any tween. Gone are the comfortable elementary years. In their place are two to three years of unknowns. What will middle school be like? your child may ask. Expect an increase in homework and responsibilities, for starters. But there are also numerous positive changes that your child will encounter in middle school.

To help your child prepare for the changes of middle school, be sure to concentrate on all the wonderful benefits ahead.

The Benefits

  • The chance to take electives such as band, chorus, or art.
  • The opportunity to participate in after-school clubs or the middle school student government.
  • Having your own locker to decorate and personalize.
  • The chance to meet and make new friends.
  • Being treated more like an adult and less like a kid.
  • Learning more about your favorite subjects or figuring out what your favorite subjects are.
  • Trying out for school plays, school teams, or cheerleading squads.
  • Taking a foreign language for the first time.
  • Having a variety of teachers with different teaching styles.
  • Getting out of school earlier in the day.
  • Having a few minutes of down time between classes.
  • Having more menu choices at the school cafeteria.
  • Going to school dances or soc-hops.
  • All of the other students starting middle school will be new, just like you.

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