The Worst Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games are as traditional to the baby shower as baby shower presents are. They are expected and required at almost every baby shower ever planned. Some games are tons of fun and have everyone laughing and having a good time. Then there are other games, games that are played at baby showers that send people screaming in fear. This is a list of those baby shower games.

The Big Roll

Worried Woman in Bathroom
Silvia Boratti/E+/Getty Images
Bigger is better? So they say. This game is about size. The participants try to guess the mother's abdominal circumference with toilet paper roll paper. How many sheets is she? (This is the fun part.) You have to actually make a pregnant woman wrap toilet paper around her body to find out...

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The Diaper Game

This game is one where you take baby food and leave it in diapers. This means you're trying to simulate, you know what. (If you don't know what, see here, but you have been warned.) There are variations on this game, some require tasting, while others just require being lucky.

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Baby Bottle Battle

Baby bottle battles involved multiple people drinking various liquids from a baby bottle. This is usually done with men or at a couple's shower. While you can use water, juice, or soft drinks, there are rumors that people have tried this one with beer and other alcoholic beverages. (Not recommended for pregnant women.)

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Cotton Head

I really disliked this game when I had to play it at a recent baby shower. You sit someone down with a bowl full of cotton balls. Then the person tries to use a spoon to put as many cotton balls on their head as they can. The person with the most cotton balls wins. You can imagine how this looked. It's quite hilarious on the watching end, but actually doing it...

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