7 Therapy Mom Blogs Focused on Childhood Development

Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapy Mom Blogs

7 Therapy Mom Bloggers to Follow. GettyImages

I find few corners of the Internet more interesting than the one occupied by “Mom Bloggers.” It’s a space filled to the brim with style, nutrition, decorating and parenting advice. There are currently over 4 million Mom Bloggers out there.

If you are a parent scouring this vast corner of the web for a community that focuses on child development, consider checking out the realm of Therapy Mom Bloggers.

By this, I mean physical, speech, and occupational therapists who are blogging about their experience of parenthood for fellow parents.

Like other Mom Bloggers, these bloggers share the ups and downs of parenthood. What sets these writers apart is that they are licensed in childhood development and draw on their experience not only with their own children but the countless kids they have worked with in a professional capacity.

Therapy Bloggers are careful to clarify that information shared in their blogs should not be a substitute for professional advice. To protect yourself, think of the tips and tricks they share as general wellness advice. That being said, I am a member of a therapy bloggers group with several of these mothers and can testify to the effort they invest in making sure the information they share about childhood development is accurate.

Here are 7 of the top Therapy Mom Blogs to follow.

If I missed any, please let me know on my social media channels.

CanDo Kiddo

Rachel is a pediatric occupational therapist who focuses her writing on the baby/toddler stages of development. She has nine years of experience as a pediatric OT, five of those devoted to infants and toddlers. Her tagline “because what babies do, influences how they grow” highlights one of her main passions-- that although the squirming movements of newborns seem small to our eyes, babies are doing important work during the first few months to lay the foundation for healthy development.

Mama OT

Christie began blogging, entered into motherhood, and started work as a pediatric OT all around the same time. She has now been blogging for three years about childhood development, intermingling insights from her school-based OT job, and her home. Her posts cover issues pertinent to infancy through early elementary age. Topics range from breast-feeding to sensory processing disorder.

Pink Oatmeal

Chanda is a school-based and orthopedic physical therapist. She also blogs about topics ranging from recipes, DIY projects, and motor development. Examples of posts include “The Bumbo Seat—Good, Bad or Both?” and “Are Jumpers Bad for Babies? A Physical Therapist’s Perspective.”

Your Kid’s Table

If mealtime has turned into battle time, you may want to check out Alisha’s blog. Alisha is a pediatric occupational therapist that specializes in feeding. She educates parents on the connection of sensory play and learning to be a better eater.

Mommy Speech Therapy

Watching your young one wrap their tongue around new sounds and words is an incredible part of parenting.

Heidi is a Speech and Language Pathologist and mother who shares some of the tips and tricks she has learned through her work. The largest category on her blog is about improving articulation, but she also writes about early language development, language delay and assistive technology that parents can use.

The Inspired Tree House

Geared at sharing activities for kids that promote wellness, this blog is written by Lauren and Claire, a physical therapist and occupational therapist. This blog includes a handy breakdown of developmental milestones and activities related to each stage.

Growing Hands-on Kids

Homeschooler, Montessori enthusiast, and certified occupational therapist, Heather shares her insights pertaining to engaging kids in learning and encouraging hands-on learning. She also has a section of her blog with posts focused on parenting children with special needs, specifically autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder. 

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