10 Things I Hate About My Treadmill

Treadmill Problems and Pet Peeves

Tired and Bored on the Treadmill
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Treadmills are great for burning calories and building cardio fitness. But there are things about treadmills that their users and owners hate.

1. My Treadmill is Noisy

If you crank up the volume in your earbuds to overcome the treadmill noise, you may be damaging your hearing. If you are shopping for a treadmill, look for ones that are quieter to save your hearing and the annoyance. You may want to switch to noise-canceling headphones instead of earbuds so you can hear your tunes at a lower volume.
Your family and even your neighbors may also complain about the noise and restrict when you can use the treadmill.

2. My Treadmill Shakes and Bounces

You will get more vibration and wobble the harder you pound the treadmill deck. It's one of the laws of physics -- for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You may notice this more with a running pace than with a walking pace, as runners impact harder than walkers. The heavier you are, the more you impact the treadmill belt. Look for treadmills that are heavier and are rated for heavier users and runners. A budget treadmill that is lightweight is bound to give you more vibration. If you are getting a vibration just from the belt, without being on the treadmill, you should look into getting the belt adjusted. Downstairs neighbors may complain about too much treadmill pounding.

3. My Treadmill Takes Up Too Much Space

The dilemma is that you usually want a longer treadmill deck, especially for running with a long stride.
But a longer deck takes up more room. A folding treadmill allows you use more of the space around it, but you may still have to move furniture around when you want to use the treadmill.

4. Treadmills are Boring

Treadmills occupy the body, but you need something to distract the mind. Our readers suggest ways to beat treadmill boredom.
Some treadmill models come with docks and speakers for your mobile player or tablet or even a built-in television screen.

5. I Do the Same Treadmill Workout Every Time

It's likely that your treadmill has several built-in speed and incline interval workouts. Give them a try. If you can't figure out the buttons and lost the manual, you can probably download one from the manufacturer's web site. Or do it yourself with our list of treadmill workouts.

6. I Don't Believe the Readouts

Your treadmill should give accurate readings for distance and time, as those are simple functions it is measuring by the clock and the speed of the belt. If those are wrong, the treadmill electronics are truly ailing. The treadmill needs to know your weight to give a good estimation of the calories burned. If there is no way to enter weight, then this reading is going to be off significantly. If the pulse rate seems wrong, you may not be using the pulse monitor correctly. If heart rate matters to you, a chest strap heart monitor sensor will be more accurate.

7. The Treadmill at the Gym is Covered with Germs

If other people use your treadmill, it is wise to wipe the console and handrails with a disinfectant cloth before you use it to prevent spreading colds and staph.
The antibiotic-resistant strain of staph, MRSA, is becoming more common in the population and may get spread at the gym. Wiping down equipment can reduce your exposure to these germs and viruses. Be courteous and wipe down the machine after you use it as you may not know whether you are a carrier of MRSA.

8. No Good Place for My Reading Materials or Water Bottle

If your treadmill doesn't have a good reading rack, you can buy one from your treadmill manufacturer or one that fits most treadmills. Treadmills are becoming like cars, with more cup holders than passengers. But if yours lacks one in the right place, you can buy one to attach. Treadmill Accessories

9. I Can't Go Downhill

There are rare treadmills that have a downhill incline feature, but for most treadmills you have only the choice of flat or uphill incline. If you are training for a race, you will want to do some downhill walking or running to match the course that you will be competing on. You may have to do that outside.

10. I Miss the Outdoors

Many people use a treadmill because the climate is unwelcoming outdoors or they live in an area where there aren't safe routes for outdoor walking or running, or their schedules don't allow them to exercise before dark. You can bring the outside in by positioning your treadmill by a window or by watching scenic videos. But you may want to try to find a club or partner to walk or run with for safety or explore routes in your area used by other walkers and runners on MapMyRun.

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