Things I've Learned Along The Way

Dee's 6 Month Smoke-Free Milestone


At 6 months smoke-free, Smoking Cessation forum member Dee is starting to feel the scales tipping in her favor. What started out as a cautious hope to quit smoking is solidifying into certainty that she can do this for the long term. 

Congratulations Dee, and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

From Dee

It's a little after midnight here in Chicago, and today is a magical day.

I will be celebrating 6 months of freedom today.


I'm writing to you sitting at the pc with my headphones on bopping (bouncing about) in my chair to tunes of my girl, the ultimate Diva, Miss Tina Turner.

Thanks guys for all of your encouragement, support, humor, and the sometimes needed kick in the butt.

I feel wonderful.

I feel free.

It's as if a huge burden has been lifted physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Things I've learned along the way......

  • The smoke free fairy godmother does not wave a magic wand and you're cured. It's hard work.
  • Education about nicotine addiction is so empowering. You know what to expect and have some idea of how to deal with it. Read, read, read.
  • You can't half-step. A serious commitment to quit is required. (passion)
  • Forget the "Woe is Me". Staying quit has to be your first priority. The attitude is "Whatever it takes." I'm going to do this, and everything else comes second for a little while.
  • Don't set yourself up for failure - avoid situations you darn well know will trigger a craving or urge to smoke.
  • Be kind to and love yourself. This is a scary thing you're doing. It is NOT easy.
  • Forget the drama. Being a martyr is not cool(my friends and family have spoken about this subject with me on many occasions).

This does not have to be a 24/7 battle. Fact: there is a price to pay(urges, cravings, etc)for freedom.

Relax, accept that fact. Keep it simple, take it one day at a time, and move the heck on and enjoy your life being smoke free.

No one can make me smoke (unless they bribe me with chocolate). Just kidding...if I smoke, I can't blame anyone or anything. I chose to smoke.

Lastly, believe everyone here when they tell you it gets better.


Smoke Free Since 3-18-03
"Taking it one day at a time."

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